ONP Cod Skin Cubes & Fish Stix Review

Product Review

I was recently sent some of Only Natural Pet’s new Cod Skin Cubes and Fish Stix Treats for my Standard Poodles to try out as healthy training treats.

As you know, I am a stickler for only giving my dogs species specific treats – treats that don’t contain anything but raw, dehydrated or freeze dried animal products with no additives, preservatives, flavors, vegetables, grains, etc.

I was THRILLED with these new treats as were my dogs!

They smell just fishy enough to really entice the dogs but not so strong that you can’t easily carry them in your pocket.   They are dry and CRUNCHY which the dogs love and if you are not one who feeds raw bones to your dogs, these will help a little bit to keep tarter off the teeth due to their hard and crunchy nature.

The Cod skins are from Wild Caught Cod, caught in the clean, cold water of Iceland!  They are gently air died – not processed at high heat temperatures so they retain maximum nutrition and of course being fish skin – contain essential Omega 3 Fatty Acids.  Omega 3 fatty acids are greatly lacking in processed and even raw foods due to the animals being used in the diet, being fed a processed, un-natural, grain laden diet, exposure to toxic chemicals, etc.

These treats earn 5 stars!


100% meat


Convenient treat

Try The Cod Skin Cubes!

Your dogs will LOVE them.


Try the Only Natural Pet – Fish Stix

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