Canine Nutrition Consultation

Nutritional Consultation For Dogs

All nutritional consultations for dogs are individually customized for your individual dog’s special needs and/or age.

Changing your pet’s diet can have a huge effect on their quality of life. A change to species appropriate, nutrient dense food will help you tailor the dog’s diet to suit their needs. This consultation is available for assistance and education in feeding a species appropriate raw diet to your dog and/or in adjusting the raw diet you may already be feeding as well as assisting and educating in which supplements may or may not be needed in your dog’s particular state or condition.

Nutritional Consultations For Dogs


Diet/Nutritional Consult only: $89.00 per dog


With 4 weeks of extended support is only: $160.00



If you are transitioning your dog from commercial kibble or canned/processed diets to home prepared or raw diet and/or your dog has specific dietary requirements due to particular health problems, a minimum of 4 weeks of extended support ($75.00) is recommended so I can help you and your dog settle into the new routine comfortably and I can be available for support in case of a healing response/detox or any issues as they arise.


If no special needs are involved and you already have experience feeding a home prepared or raw diet, you may request this consultation without the extended support option.


To schedule a consultation, please fill out the Health History Questionnaire and email it to:




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Does your dog have ongoing symptoms that concern you that are not improving with veterinary care?    Does your dog have physical or emotional problems that you would like to address with alternative therapies?  Do you have questions about heart worm and parasite prevention, exercise or other concerns? Upgrade to a Total Wellness Package!


Extended Support for any Consultation is always available.


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The purpose and general goal of the animal naturopathic consultation offered by Jeannie Thomason,CVND (Certified Veterinary Naturopathic Doctor) is to educate the client about their animals body systems in relation to function and ability pertaining to maintenance of overall homeostasis (balance) through the removal of various, and typically specific, obstacles to their health, this thereby encouraging their body’s own natural healing processes. Dr. Thomason does not function as a traditional allopathic veterinarian by diagnosing disease, treating disease, or performing invasive procedures,instead she looks at the animal as a whole and educates on prevention and finding the root cause of the animals symptoms – she does not prescribe drugs to mask or suppress the symptoms nor do her services replace that of a traditional licensed allopathic veterinarian.

The information offered by Dr. Jeannie Thomason is intended to provide general guidance. Nothing on the web site or during a regular consultation constitutes traditional allopathic veterinary advice. This consultation will suggest additional natural options to think about, and other areas to explore, based on your dog’s condition.