Nutrition Consultations For Dogs

Canine Nutrition Program (or Consultation)

Proper, species specific nutrition is the foundation of thriving health

All of Dr. Jeannie’s canine nutrition consultation for dogs are individually customized for your individual dog’s special needs and/or age.

Our online, email program is an education program that covers the dog’s biology, physiology, along with the why and how to feed a nutritionally dense raw Species Specific diet.

Changing your dog’s diet can have a huge effect on their quality of life. A change to a raw species specific, nutrient dense diet will help you to tailor your dog’s diet to meet all their species specific, nutritional needs. 

The correspondence program is available for assistance, education and guided support in feeding a species appropriate raw diet to your dog and/or in adjusting the raw diet you may already be feeding as well as assisting and educating you in which supplements may or may not be needed in your dog’s particular state or condition of health.

This online consultation begins with an analysis of current feeding programs thorough an assessment of your dog via a detailed health history intake form.

The program is designed to give you solid facts and education on:

  • The dog’s biology, physiology
  • What makes dogs true carnivores
  • What a balanced and complete raw diet consists of
  • What’s wrong with a quality kibble
  • Raw Feeding Guidelines
  • How to feed a raw diet
  • Detoxing your dog
  • and more!

Our Canine Nutrition Consultation covers species specific nutrition education and individualized meal plans for your dog that allow for optimal nutrient absorption and assimilation for the cultivation of optimal, thriving health and healing.



If you want to switch your dog to a raw diet or want to feed your new puppy a raw diet

If you are confused by all the conflicting information out there

If you are considering transitioning your healthy dog from commercial kibble or canned/processed diet to a raw diet but need help and would like support in knowing how to start

If you have already switched your dog to raw but are unsure about what, how much and when to feed

If you have been told that your beloved dog has a serious dis-ease such as diabetes,gastrointestinal disorder, pancreatitis, liver or kidney disease, or cancer. (Having a dog with such a diagnosis can be overwhelming because you want the very best for your companion, and it is difficult to know if you should feed raw or not and excatly where to start

If you want to further your education and help others to knowledgeably and safely switch their dogs to a raw diet

If your dog has specific dietary requirements due to existing health problems

If you are asking yourself any one of these questions,then a nutritional consultation is right for you and your dog.


Diet/Nutritional Consult: $100.00 

Multi-dog consult (3 or more – $175.00)



Canine Nutrition Correspondence Course/Program – $75.00

* Special Summer 2020 price ONLY – $50.00 Coming August 2020*



To schedule an email consultation, please download and fill out the

Health History Questionnaire HERE and email it to:


Canine Nutrition Correspondence Program Coming in August 2020

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Copyright 2003 – 2020  Jeannie Thomason, VND, Animal Naturopath, Small Animal Nutritionist, Natural Animal Health Coach



The purpose and general goal of the animal naturopathic consultation offered by Jeannie Thomason,VND is to educate the client about their animals body systems in relation to function and ability pertaining to maintenance of overall homeostasis (balance) through the removal of various, and typically specific, obstacles to their health, this thereby encouraging their body’s own natural healing processes. Dr. Thomason does not function as a traditional allopathic veterinarian by diagnosing disease, treating disease, or performing invasive procedures,instead she looks at the animal as a whole and educates on prevention and finding the root cause of the animals symptoms – she does not prescribe drugs to mask or suppress the symptoms nor do her services replace that of a traditional licensed allopathic veterinarian.

The information offered by Dr. Jeannie Thomason is intended to provide general guidance. Nothing on the web site or during a regular consultation constitutes traditional allopathic veterinary advice. This consultation will suggest additional natural options to think about, and other areas to explore, based on your dog’s condition.

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