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July, 2017 – Part 5 Have You Considered Feeding Your Dog A Raw Diet (BARF Vs. SARF Diets)
Lush Lawn Or Thriving Dog?
Is Glandular Therapy Necessary For Dogs?

May, 2017 – Heartworm Bewareness
Natural Heartworm Prevention
Have You Considered Feeding Your Dog a Raw Diet?

March, 2017 – Detoxing Your Dog,
Conscious Eating for Our Carnivore Companions
Well Exercised Dogs Are Smarter

2016 Newsletters

December 30, 2016 –Holistic Wellness For Dogs Online Learning Program Conscious Eating For Our Carnivore Companions More About The Importance of Enzymes For Our Dogs Featured Natural Product SALE

December 3, 2016 -Biological Terrain & Animal Health Scented Candles Are Harmful Featured Products & Sales Naturally Sourced Supplements Available At The Whole Dog

August 25th, 2016 – Grounding or Earthing For Healthy Canine Immune System

Itchy Skin and Ear Infections in Dogs The Dog’s Nose & Emotions Featured Product

August 4th 2016 – Can Our Emotions Affect Our Dog’s Health? Noise Phobia and Behavior Issues Caused by Vaccines? Thunder, Noise Phobia – Aromatherapy.

July 2016 – More On CHD (Canine Hip Dysplasia. Essential Oils In Animal Care – A Naturopathic Approach.

June 2016 – Enrichment & Enriched Environments For Puppies. Exclusive Offer For Whole Dog Readers and Clients Natural Remedies Available at The Whole Dog

April/May 2016 – Fleas & Ticks The Wholistic Truth Scentual Enrichment For Our Dogs

2015 Newsletters

Fall/Winter 2015 – Keeping Our Dogs Happy & Healthy For The Holidays Part 1 & 2 New Book On Natural Rearing – Pre-Publishing Sale Pumpkin is NOT Healthy For Our Dogs?

Summer 2015 – Natural Immunity Fleas Ticks Heartworms Animals and Vibrational Frequencies

2014 Newsletters

Winter 2014 -Toxin Free Living Safe Toys For Dogs?

Fall 2014  Online Class For Pet Owners – Total Wellness For Pets Canine Arthritis Causes of Inflammation and Arthritis Essential Oils to ease Inflammation

July 2014 – Hip Dysplasia – Diet & Genetics Hip Dysplasia Frequently Misunderstood Aromatherapy For Dogs

Summer 2014 – SPECIAL HEARTWORM EDITION – Heartworm Bewareness Month Heartworm Drug Resistance Heartworm Natural Prevention Essential Oils To Deter Mosquitos

May/June 2014 – Heartworm!  Death Sentence? In The News: Heartworm drug resistance Essential Oils To Deter Mosquitos Walk In Sync – Product Review

2013 Newsletters

July 2013 – Aromatherapy For Our Dogs – Methods of Application Animal Scents Essential Oil Collection