New Book On Natural Rearing

Coming soon – New Book On Natural Rearing.

Natural Rearing: Breeding & Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended



The long awaited, comprehensive book for Natural Rearing Dog Breeders (and those wanting to learn how to become natural rearing dog breeders).

The manuscript will be submitted for the final edits and publishing SOON!

Here is a list of the chapter titles:



  • Chapter 1 Starting Out
  • Chapter 2 Hard Things to Hear
  • Chapter 3 Nutrition
  • Chapter 4 Natural Immunity
  • Chapter 5 Preparation and Care of the Potential Breeding Bitch
  • Chapter 6 The Naturally Reared Stud Dog
  • Chapter 7 Breeding
  • Chapter 8 Pregnancy
  • Chapter 9 Labor and Whelping
  • Chapter 10 Care of Dam and Puppies
  • Chapter 11 The First Week of Life
  • Chapter 12 The Second Through Twelfth Weeks of Life
  • Chapter 13 Toxins That Affect Our Dogs
  • Chapter 14 Pests and Parasites-Nature’s Approach
  • Chapter 15 Placing Your NR Puppy



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