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June 11, 2019

Naturopathic Remedies Success Stories

Vitality Science Pet Flora

Pet Flora is a Soil-Based Organism probiotic blend. Soil-Based means that the natural probiotic organisms of the soil are the ingredients in Pet Flora. In the soil, these microorganisms hold down yeast and fungi, reduce acidity, and improve assimilation of nutrients to plants. Amazingly, they do exactly the same in higher animals. Pet Flora holds down yeasts, fungi, and pathogenic microorganisms, while improving nutrient assimilation.


Naturopathic Remedies Success Stories
Ella Bean with Hilary Sloan


Recently, I interviewed my friend Hilary Sloan who’s an advocate for animal rescuing and the wonderful human behind the ultra popular Instagram account ellabeanthedog. Hilary has fostered countless dogs and rescued three amazing little dogs: Ella bean, Coconut  bean and most recently Fifi Von bean.  Hilary is a raw feeding dog mom who has been interested in natural health for about a decade now.  Here is our interview:

Question: Would you like to share with us a little about “Ella Bean” and why you believed she needed to have probiotics in her diet?

Answer: I actually began using PetFlora 11 years ago with my first dog Louis, who suffered from TERRIBLE digestive issues. I simply could not get his digestion under control and we were dealing with non-stop diarrhea and he was losing weight. I saw the benefits of PetFlora pretty quickly with Louis and when I rescued Ella, I assumed she’d probably need some gut rebuilding considering the circumstances she had come from.

Question: How did you learn about Vitality Science Pet Flora?

Answer: I learned about PetFlora from the owner of The Dog Bar in Miami Beach, Florida. I was living there at the time with Louis and trying to heal his tummy and fix his diarrhea. Petflora was recommended to me as part of a protocol to switch him to a raw diet. Those two changes helped save the day.

Question: Why did you chose Pet Flora for Dogs over the myriads of other probiotics for dogs on the market?

Answer: At the time, I wasn’t yet knowledgeable about pet nutrition or their guts/ microbiomes. I had never even heard of probiotics! It was the owner of The Dog Bar that told me it was the best/ most powerful probiotic they had. Since seeing the impact it had,  I never saw a reason to change to another company/brand!

Question: How did you use Pet Flora for Ella Bean and how did you find it to be beneficial to her health?

Answer:  I use it for Ella Bean as maintenance now. When I first rescued her, I did a dose with each meal and over time, whittled down to 1/ day and then 2-3 times a week. Ella has the best digestive system of any of my dogs. In fact, we did a microbiome test with AnimalBiome a few weeks ago and she was the only one of the 3 of my dogs with a balanced microbiome! And you can see it in her digestion, which is consistent and has no issues. She is healthy and thriving with tons of energy and she’s 11 years old.

Question: Would you recommend Pet Flora for Dogs to other dog guardians and care givers and why?

Answer:  Yes! I have been recommending PetFlora for years!! My parents use it for their dogs, I have had so many friends try it. It’s a great supplement to use for maintenance in healthy dogs but moreover, for pet parents who are desperate to not clean up diarrhea from their rug AGAIN, or be running their pup outside for bathroom runs at 3AM, it can be a game changer.

Question: Do you use any other products from Vitality Science that you have found to be beneficial to the health of your dogs? If so, which ones?

Answer: I have not tried any other supplements from Vitality Science, but I would be open!

Question: Is there anything else you would like to share about how using all natural, species-specific products or remedies have proven to be valuable in your dog’s lives?

Answer: As a very young pet parent who was dealing with a very sick puppy, finding PetFlora was a turning point for me. I was beginning to become aware of the power of natural healing. I was learning about the power of whole, fresh foods, chiropractic care, homeopathy, acupuncture and more. Watching my sick puppy transform gave me the confidence to rescue another sick dog, Ella and to guide her back to health. We have continued to use this philosophy (and PetFlora!) with our most recent 2 rescues. Watching lethargic dogs with dry coats, sad eyes and other medical issues transform into shiny coated, happy and healthy animals is one of the greatest joys of my life and the accomplishment I am most proud of.

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