Natural Heartworm Prevention

The cause of heartworms is infected mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes carry these parasites that enter the bloodstream as larvae and migrate to the heart. Six months after reaching the heart, the larvae turn into adults, and that’s when problems begin. Full-grown heartworms may eventually fill the heart, blocking flow of blood to the lungs and doing damage to the heart. Often, by the time you see symptoms, they’ve already done some damage to the heart.

What the average pet owner is not aware of, is just how perfect the conditions have to be for a dog to get heartworms in the first place…

Prevention is by far the most important part of true medicine. As you all know by now, I am convinced that having a very strong immune system is of the utmost importance to prevent illness or dis-ease in our companion animals. I believe that a strong healthy animal will throw off parasites and illness all on its own.

With that said, dogs that are not at their peak of health should be first started with a nutrient dense diet, I recommend a raw, species appropriate diet first and foremost. At the very least a home cooked diet, supplementation and general remedies for a period of time to strengthen their immune system. Then, the wonderful, natural treatment effects of a balanced immune system will kick in!

If your dog has been diagnosed with heartworm, it is imperative that you improve his or her immune system as stated above and don’t cheat your dog out of perfect health.

As an animal naturopath I believe in the importance of addressing and caring for the dog (the whole dog), not just the heartworm. “The objective being: NOT to just focus on not on providing attention to the heartworm, but attending to and addressing the balance of the whole dog.   Read Entire Article Here

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