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Organic Dog Beds


Treat your best friend right with a 100% certified organic pet bed, a much healthier alternative to synthetic covered, cedar-filled beds.

These organic pet beds are filled with 100% certified organic cotton and organically grown buckwheat hulls sewn inside separate chambers, then covered with an 10 oz. organic cotton cover. The separate chamber design allows pets to customize their bed to their own special shape, and ensure years of comfort. The smaller round bed (great for cats or very small dogs) is constructed with an outer ring of 100% natural rubber.

Included with each bed is a removable washable cover made from heavy-duty colorgrown organic cotton canvas in an attractive sage green color.

Organic Pet Beds are available in three sizes:


Round: For pets under 20 lbs. 20″ diameter Wt. 7 lbs. Small: For pets up to 40 lbs. 28″ x 32″ Wt. 14 lbs. Large: For pets up to 120 lbs. 36″ x 48″ Wt. 28 lbs. Just as synthetic materials in bedding and mattresses outgas in human beds, these same materials can be hazardous to our pets. Research has found that the aromatic oils found in red cedar can be the cause of respiratory or allergic reactions in small animals. Add a cover made with synthetic fabrics colored with chemical dyes, and you may be providing your pet with unhealthy sleeping quarters. Treat your pet to one of these healthy, attractive and durable beds and you and your pet will both sleep soundly!


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Harry Barker Hemp Beds


These 100% eco-friendly hemp beds from Harry Barker use a hemp fabric that is made with azo-free dyes, which are non-chemical and earth-friendly. The hypo-allergenic bed inserts are “green fiber” made of recycled post-consumer plastic bottles and are channel quilted to keep the fiber in place. Fabric is removable & machine washable! Made in the USA!

Benefits of Hemp:

*Extremely Durable
*Mildew Resistant
*Grown w/out Pesticides

Hemp Beds are available in Rectangle or Round

Rectangle Bed Sizing:
*Small: 20 x 25″
*Medium: 29 x 36″
*Large: 36 x 44″

Round Bed Sizing:
*Small: 25″
*Medium: 35″
*Large: 45″
*Diameter for all is a 5″ gusset

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Organic Toys

Simply Fido Pet Toys

Simply Fido Organic Pet Toys are made with organic fabrics, all-natural dyes and recycled polyester filler. They feature organically grown cotton outers with fibers that are completely unbleached, untreated, and unprocessed. Natural extracts from plants and minerals, such as gardenia seed, clove and chestnut bur, are used to dye the fibers with their colorful patterns. And the polyester fill is completely non-toxic and made from recycled soda bottles. Simply Fido Toys are 100% environmentally friendly! Each toy is about 10″ long and contains a squeaker for optimal playtime fun!

Choose from 7 different plush characters:

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Lolly Lamb

Simply Fido Lolly LambThere’s no chance of your dog being sheepish around Simply Fido’s Lolly Lamb. The organic cotton outer is durable, safe, and a lot softer than wool. The internal squeaker will keep your dog endlessly entertained and the natural dyes are non-toxic and safe for your pet. The recycled plastic stuffing is soft, maintains its fluff, and is gentle on the environment. And after exceptionally drooly play sessions, Lolly Lamb can be put in the wash!




Oscar Monkey

Simply Fido Oscar Monkey It’s time to encourage monkeying around with Simply Fido’s Oscar Monkey. His organic cotton outer is durable, safe, and gentle on your dog’s teeth. The torso squeaker is loud and offers your dog the perfect amount of interaction and the natural dyes are non-toxic and safe for all day play sessions. Oscar’s recycled plastic stuffing is soft, maintains its fluff, and is gentle on the environment and the whole thing is washing machine safe. And the best part: Oscar Monkey is as much fun as a a barrel of… well, you get the point!


Wally Blue Bear

Simply Fido Wally Bear

Blue may be a description of his personality, but definitely not his emotions! Wally Blue Bear is made with soft, safe & durable organic cotton and colored with all natural, non toxic dyes. The torso squeaker doesn’t quite roar, but it will keep your dog playing and the recycled plastic stuffing is soft to chomp and soft on the environment. Plus, Wally Blue Bear is washing machine safe!




Lucy Rabbit

Simply Fido Lucy Rabbit Your dog will have no problem jumping to play time thanks to Lucy Rabbit! Her durable organic cotton outer and recycled plastic inner are soft, yet maintain their plush throughout endless play sessions. The eye catching, bright yellow color comes from all natural dyes and the whole thing can be put in the washing machine. And with a squeaker in the center, what dog can resist?





Leo Lion

Simply Fido Leo Lion He may have a likeness to the king of the jungle, but Leo Lion is really as soft as a teddy bear. A lot of this has to do with his recycled polyester stuffing and his organic exterior, but he’s still tough enough to handle an all day play session. And even though his squeaker doesn’t sound like a growl, don’t tell him that… he’s trying his best.





Gary Alligator

Simply Fido Gary Alligator Your dog will never be saying “See ya later” to this amazingly entertaining alligator! Featuring durable organic cotton, natural green & yellow dyes, shape holding filling from recycled soda bottles, and an interactive squeaker, Gary Alligator is soft on your dog’s teeth and the planet, but tough for those all day play sessions. And since he’s washing machine safe, you don’t have to worry about him going into the swamp!

Each Plush Character – $15.99


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Simply Fido Plush Squeaker Bones

6Pack – contains 6 – 4″ plush bones – Multi-Color

salesimplyfidobonesSimply Fido Organic Pet Toys are made of organic fabrics and all-natural dyes. Organically grown, the fibers in each toy are unbleached, untreated, and unprocessed. Natural extracts from plants and minerals, such as gardenia seed, clove and chestnut bur, are used to dye the fibers. Simply Fido Toys are 100% environmentally friendly!

Simply Fido toys use only OCIA certified organic cotton, undergo toxicity testing and environmental analysis in Germany, and comply with European and US standards for toy safety. Simply Fido toys are made safely in China at the Simply Fido facility in Shanghai. This facility is under the direct management of Simply Fido’s international offices and practices a low-eco impact manufacturing process. They directly manage the quality of their products from the raw materials to the final packaging to ensure their safety.

6 Plush Squeaker Bones (4 inch) – $20.39


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Only Natural Pet EcoToys Dog Toys

Only Natural Pet EcoToys Dog Toys

Give your dog a verifiable zoo to play with made from environmentally friendly, safe products thanks to Only Natural Pet EcoToys Dog Toys.

Made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials like jute and coconut, these unique toys are tough, durable, and ready to stand up to anything your pup has to offer. Offering a diverse array of textures, noises, and shapes, these interactive toys are designed to keep your dog engaged and active.

Featuring a design for every type of play, Only Natural Pet EcoToys Dog Toys are suitable for dogs of every age, breed, and size. For tuggers, there’s the rope based Montgomery the Monkey; for shakers, there’s Clarence the Cow; and for the chompers, there’s Petunia the Pig.

Only Natural Pet EcoToys Dog Toys

  • Made from non-toxic materials that are safe for your dog
  • Eco-friendly and sustainably designed with materials like jute, coconut and cotton
  • Three unique designs for every type of play
  • Durable design to stand up to everything your dog has to offer
  • Diverse textures and designs to keep your dog engaged

The next time your dog turns the house into a zoo, make it a statement of fact with Only Natural Pet EcoToys Dog Toys.

Available in three unique designs for every type of play:

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Clarence the Cow Designed for all of you shakers out there, Clarence the Cow is made of a unique variety of tough textures, including a chewy leather exterior, knotted cotton rope arms and legs, and a bouncy, durable jute interior. These all combine to make a floppy, throwable, shakeable, and down right fun friend to keep your dog occupied and engaged. Only Natural Pet Eco-Friendly Dog Toy Clarence the Cow
Montgomery the Monkey Monkeying around is the name of the game with this double roped tug toy. Featuring durable cotton rope loops on each end, a tough leather exterior, and a springy coconut fiber stuffing, Montgomery the Monkey is specially designed for games of tug. So grab an end, let your dog grab the other, and get tugging! Only Natural Pet Eco-Friendly Dog Toy Montgomery the Monkey
Petunia the Pig Created for the true chewers at heart, Petunia the Pig has all of the chew essentials covered. The outside is made with a tough leather exterior, the tail is made from a cotton and jute rope blend, and the inside features a crinkley, crunchy recycled plastic bottle. This makes for durable chewing and an amazing texture and noise that your dog can’t resist! Only Natural Pet Eco-Friendly Dog Toy Petunia the Pig

Clarence the Cow – $9.99

Montgomery the Monkey – $12.99

Petunia the Pig – $12.99

Variety Pack – 1 cow, 1 monkey, 1 pig – $32.49


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West Paw Design Zogoflex Bumi



Introducing Bumi – the interactive toy that your dog won’t want to put down! Bumiâ„¢ is the active dog’s dream come true, charged with energetic fun! Bumi is so much more than a tug toy – pull, flex, throw, float, and repeat! Guaranteed to last, even against “destructive dogs”! Since Bumiâ„¢ is 100% recyclable, this dog toy will never need to be thrown away… except during a game of fetch!


Made from West Paw Design’s extremely pliable, one-of-a-kind proprietary material called Zogoflex®. This versatile toy is bound to give your favorite dog hours of enjoyment. As you stretch Bumiâ„¢ it will flex out to twice its length, and then bounce back to its curved “S” shape. We all know that there is no such thing as an “indestructible dog toy,” but Bumi is so durable that if your dog can damage it, West Paw Design will give you a one-time free replacement or refund! Now go make your dog happy… and be sure you have fun too!

Colors: Blue, Green, Orange.

Sizes: Small: 8″ and Large: 10″

Small – $11.99

Large – $14.99


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West Paw Design Zogoflex Jive


West Paw Jive dog ball toy is one tough dog toy, yet it still bounces and floats. The new perfect dog toy ball for dogs of any size!

Jive is the most durable dog ball from West Paw Design yet. Jive is the only dog ball toy you need – bright, bouncy, and BPA-free. The large size Jive is 3.25 inches wide, which is just a little smaller than the average softball. The small ball is 2.6 inches wide, which is similar to the size of a standard tennis ball.

Other dog chew toys can be hard on dog’s teeth, but even though Jive is guaranteed strong, this ball also bounces, floats, and is gentle on your dog’s mouth. Jive is also recyclable, dishwasher safe, and made in the USA. Yep, it is one amazing dog toy. Choose from two sizes and three fun colors.

The amazing Jive is:

  • BPA Free
  • Recyclable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Super tough
  • Made in Montana, USA

Available as small and large sizes in three fun colors (Aqua Blue, Granny Smith & Tangerine)

Small Jive – $9.99

Large Jive – $14.99


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West Paw Zogoflex Tizzi Tangerine Dog Toy

TizzyGet ready for take-off with the high flying West Paw Zogoflex Tizzi Tangerine Dog Toy!

The Tizzi dog toy spirals through the air giving the time-honored game of fetch a dynamic new spin, literally. Twist Tizzi’s handles together for maximum flight or untwist them to hide dog treats inside. Whether doggie playtime is on land or in the water, this floatable dog toy is ready for takeoff.

The Tizzi is made from Zogoflex, West Paw Design’s exclusive material that’s made in the USA. Zogoflex is a super durable, extremely pliable material that’s tough, buoyant, non-toxic, and guaranteed to last! This material is easy for your pup to pick up and won’t hurt his teeth. Zogoflex is ready for the toughest dogs and is recommended for aggressive chewers, pullers, and fetchers. You’ll love a fetch toy with a longer life that keeps your dog active!

The Tizzi is healthy for your dog and the environment:

  • Material FDA and EEC Compliant
  • Nontoxic
  • Buoyant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% recyclable
  • Made in the USA

Take the Tizzi for a spin!

Available in 6.5″ size, tangerine color.

Tizzy – $17.99


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 Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Glow for Good Dog Toys

OrbeeYou always knew buying a fun new toy was good for your dog, but thanks to Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Glow for Good Toys, that fun new toy is good for service dogs as well!

100% of the proceeds from Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Glow for Good Toys goes directly to the Planet Dog Foundation, Planet Dog’s not-for-profit arm whose mission is to support canine service programs. So that means the doggie-durable, buoyant, bouncy, minty Planet Dog Glow for Good Toy isn’t just making a difference to your tail-wagger, but to hard working canines and their hard working trainers.

Both the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Glow for Good Ball and Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Glow for Good Bone are:

  • Glow-in-the-dark
  • Orbee-Tuff
  • Recyclable
  • Non-toxic
  • Rinses clean
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Available in Bone and Ball form.

Glow For Good Ball – $11.99

Glow For Good Bone – $12.99


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