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Another important aspect of good grooming is our dog’s ear care, particular the drop or floppy eared breeds, need regular attention.

The dog’s ears provide a natural sanctuary for bacteria and yeast, which thrive in the warm, moist environment of their ear canals. Dogs that swim or are bathed regularly need a gentle ear drying after the swim or bath. Regular ear cleaning can help reduce the buildup of wax, which when it accumulates, further enhances the likelihood that a yeast infection may develop.

The dog’s ear canals are L-shaped to protect their sharp hearing capabilities. This unusual shape is nature’s way of protecting the ear drum. This shape is also the one of the reasons why ear infections are not uncommon in dogs. This is mainly due to the fact that the structure allows the moisture, ear wax and debris to accumulate.

When moisture and excessive wax accumulates in the ear, it can lead to severe infection of the ear, especially if the diet is not correct. Conventional medications that include antibiotics and anti-fungal drugs tend to weaken the immune system while only suppressing the symptoms. On the other hand, natural remedies focus on the underlying cause without harming other functions of the body.

A yeast infection is indicated by an accumulation of brownish wax and a musty or yeasty odor. Often, the dog will shake its head and or rub its ears on the carpet or ground. If your dog has yeasty ears or chronic ear infections, please consider a consultation for the appropriate remedies and diet changes required to assist your dog to be rid of the yeast.

For general maintenance of the ears if necessary, you can dilute white or apple cider vinegar in an equal quantity of spring water, filtered water or Colloidal Silver and moisten (don’t saturate) a cotton ball and squeeze out the excess before gently wiping out the ears. Massage the area gently and then remove the loosened wax with a clean, dry cotton ball.


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© Cathysbelleimage | Dreamstime.com

CAUTION: Do not use this solution if your dog has an existing bacterial or yeast infection or if the dog’s ears are inflamed. Vinegar will further irritate and cause a burning sensation in the ear. In this case, use a small amount of almond or olive oil mixed with a small amount of Vitamin C to loosen the wax so that it can be cleaned.

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