“Let Food be you medicine and our medicine your food”
~ Hippocrates

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It is my belief that what we put into the bodies of our dogs directly affects their heath. Without proper nutrition, even the most genetically sound dogs will not reach their full potential and could also have health problems as a result.

What you feed your dog is probably one of THE most important decisions you’ll make for your dog.

While fresh air, sunshine, rest, exercise, temperance and clean drinking water is important, nutrition is the key to optimum health in our dogs.

There is much conflicting information and many unsubstantiated claims rampant these days when it comes to the optimum diet for our canine companions and if one does not take the time to research and study out the facts in the heated debate over whether processed dog food is better than a raw meat and bone diet then you may be very confused.

Below is a list of the most questions I am asked regarding feeding feeding a SARF (Species Appropriate Raw Food) diet to our dogs:

1. How much do I feed my dog?
2. How often should I feed my dog?
3. What are the benefits of a fresh food raw diet?
4. How will I know if my dog is getting a balanced meal?
5. Won’t a diet change upset my dog’s digestive tract?
7. What can I do if my dog gains too much weight?
8. What about bacteria in raw meat and bone diets?
8. Are parasites a concern in raw or cooked meat?
9. Are there special considerations for Puppies and Senior Dogs?
10. Do I need to feed supplements?

The Whole Dog only carries and promotes the safest and most naturally healthy dog food & treats.  Only all natural, carnivore specific ingredients.

If you too would like answers to some of the above questions or have questions not mentioned above I invite you to read the articles on nutrition here at The Whole Dog and/or set up a consultation today.

While a raw diet is what is best for our carnivore companions optimal health, some circumstances and fears may be keeping you from jumping right in to feeding raw. For these reasons, we do have a couple of recommended, diets that are available and great for transitioning your dog to a raw diet.


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