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More Praises Being Sung for SBOs

Lactobacillus, acidophilus and bifidobacteria, the bacterial species typically found in traditional probiotics that have been cultured on diary or plants, simply do NOT have the naturally protective shell inherent to all spore-forming bacteria, so they cannot withstand gastric acids, especially the highly acidic stomach acid of the carnivore. While giving these types of bacteria to our carnivore companions may still have some benefits we are not yet aware of, unfortunately scientific studies show that very few, if any of these organisms ever even reach the lower intestine, even in humans.

Scientific study has demonstrated for example; that yogurt or probiotics grown/cultured in dairy products or plants, can’t measure up to the hardiness of spore-forming probiotic bacteria. A recent study found that such yogurt or dairy grown products have only subtle effects at best on gut bacteria.

The study involved seven pairs of identical twins. One in each pair ate twice-daily servings of yogurt containing five strains of lactic-acid bacteria. The research team performed DNA sequencing on the bacteria in the twins’ stool samples. They found that the yogurt bacteria did not take up residence in the young women’s guts and there was no evidence the bacteria became part of the microbial community at all, in the intestines. The researchers concluded that the yogurt, heavily fortified with “billions of lactic acid probiotic bacteria”, had no effect on the women’s health.   It there was no microbes reaching or taking hold in human guts, it only goes to show there surely is not yogurt or dairy microbes becoming part of the carnivore microbial community at all.

Soil-based microbial strains have proved to be necessary in breaking down gut matter putrefaction and destroying un-welcome pathogens. This is critically necessary to allow successful re-colonization of the gut, which is desperately needed in most pets and people today due to the use of antibiotics and other chemical based medications.

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