MORE On The Myth Of Pet Over Population

I recently found out that Nathan Winograd has a blog called The No Kill Blog.  I am excited to share his blog and part of a post he recently made with you all today!

Who is Nathan Winograd? You can read a bit about him here on Whole Dog News and listen to the radio show he did with Dr Jeannie and Dr Kim on Animal Talk Naturally Radio Show by clicking on the mp3 download HERE.

Here is an excerpt “The Myth Of Pet Over Population” on his blog:

A No Kill detractor, content to allow killing to continue indefinitely, writes that I have no proof for the proposition that pet overpopulation is more myth than fact and that No Kill is therefore unattainable.

When I argue that pet overpopulation is a myth, I am not saying that our work is done. Nor am I saying that people aren’t irresponsible with animals. It doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of animals entering shelters. It doesn’t mean it wouldn’ be better if there were fewer of them being impounded. Nor am I saying shelters don’t have institutional obstacles to success. But it does mean that the “problem” is not insurmountable. And it does mean we can do something short of killing for all savable animals right now, today: if all shelters had the desire and will to do so, and then earnestly followed through. That is good news. It is news we should celebrate. And it should be the focal point with which we target our advocacy efforts to achieve the greatest declines in killing possible in the shortest amount of time.

Unfortunately, many people in this movement have no language for success and remain steadfastly determined to find excuses for why present No Kill success cannot be replicated in their own community. No matter what information is offered, no matter how successful No Kill becomes, the answer for them remains: “It can’t happen here.”

Please go HERE to read the rest of the story and MORE!

Way to go Nathan!   Great, truth filled information Blog!  I’ll be a faithful reader.

Dr Jeannie

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