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More on Adverse Reactions to ProMeris:

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I administered this product(ProMeris) for the first time last month on January 22. On January 23 I had my female 5 1/2 yr old GSD at the vet’s office for a complete blood panel. She had vomited, she was lethargic (just not herself), drinking excessive amounts of water and drooling like crazy out of both sides of her mouth (she NEVER drools). Thankfully, the blood workup came back within normal limits and the next day she was fine. I didn’t give it another thought. Chalked it up as she just wasn’t feeling well.

Fast forward to this past weekend (February 24) and I applied her 2nd treatment. She was lethargic again (no vomiting), drinking excessive amounts of water and drooling again. I came home from work today and thankfully she was back to her happy go-lucky self.

It just dawned on me when I looked at the calendar. I think it’s way too coincidental that the same symptoms presented themselves after she received the spot on treatment.

This Freaked me out!



Purchased A dose of Promeris topical for my 15 lb Peeka poo. Applied to her last night at 8:30… 1:30 am I am awoken with my dog vomiting. Very lethargic all night. She was not the same this morning so my wife stayed home to take her to the vet. Appointment for 10:30 am. at 9:00 am Megan vomits 3 more times, urinates on the carpet and collapsed. My wife rushed her to the vet limp and barley breathing. Vet ran full blood work and put her on oxygen. Seems to be an alergic reaction to one of the ingredients called Amitraz. Keeping her on oxygen and IV as well will be administering Yohimbe as an antidote to the amitraz. We are waiting to see what the outcome will be..

I Called the number on the ProMeris website but did no good! They said it was a reaction to her injesting the product. Now I do not know about you but I have never seen a dog lick the back of it’s own neck!!! At anyrate she is fine after being given Yohimbine, oxygen and IV fluids. Will have to have additional blood work done in the morning to check renal function. Thought it strange that one of the warnings I saw after the fact was that after administering product the animal is not to sleep with or around owners or children!!

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I had to make an emergency trip to the vet w/my bichon frise–used promeris twice in the late summer/fall 2007 and did not notice any problems–perhaps i was not paying enough attention–used the third one i had remaining on 4/4/08–noticed very strong odor(stronger than I had remembered from previous applications)–by morning my baby was gagging, dry heaving, and staggering,,would not drink water, could barely walk–would stand and stare as if having a seizure–called the vet and he said bring her in–could be the promeris–he told me that he had seen this before and that they did not even sell it any longer–i could not believe what i was hearing–this was an animal hospital and a vet that i trusted and respected greatly–in a matter of seconds, i lost both!

Why didn’t someone notify the clients that had purchased this if there was even a remote possibility of adverse reactions?He administered the antidote and gave her subcutaneous fluids–now to add insult to injury, i was charged for the office visit and not even offered a credit for this pack of promeris–he stated that if i had any left, they would refund the $$ but since i had used the other 2 w/out issue, they would not do so–i could not believe what i was hearing–i was so upset i just said “i know, it’s ok” and walked out the door–not my usual way of handling things but the emotions of the morning got away with me–had to drive over an hour to get to vet (my choice of vets)–i will not see him again if at all possible–will continue to go there but request another vet–do not think he handled this appropriately–have had a doc/client relationship w/him for over 20 yrs.–first and foremost, this should have never happened. i fault the hospital in general for not contacting clients. second, the vet should have not charged me for the office visit and issued credit on my bill for the promeris that caused this.i did buy sentinel but am having second thoughts about keeping it–i have lost my faith in this guy, the drugs, the system!

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  1. My mini dachshund had a very bad reaction to promeris. It was the first time I used the product and I used it on his neck area so he could not have injested the product. He seemed ok the night I put it on, but in the morning he could not get up. I thought he may have had a stroke. his eyes were open but he did not respond at all. He had thrown up several times on his blanket. I rushed him to the vet and asked him if it could be the promeris and he said he would have to run tests. After three days on IV fluids and many lab tests the only thing that showed up was elevated liver values. Toxicity to promeris? My dog is now home and back to normal, but I had to pay $900 for using a product I would not have used if I had checked the internet before hand and seen how many other peaple had problems.

  2. I’ve been doing some research over the last few hours and am convinced my dog (9-year-old lab mix) has also had a reaction to Promeris.

    A few months ago, she had an episode like the ones described here–was suddenly lethargic, disinterested in walking, seemed depressed. Seemed to have a weakness in her back legs, difficulty standing and transitioning from sitting to standing. I figured she was just under the weather, so I didn’t take her to the vet and she eventually got back to normal.

    Yesterday, I noticed her acting the same way again. I took her to the vet this morning, where the vet gave her an exam and said her liver was enlarged and she seems to have a heart murmur. She is still at the vet, awaiting further tests.

    I hit the computer to do my own research–and found these same symptoms connected with flea medications, specifically ProMeris. I treated her with the stuff just yesterday. I also started thinking back to the last episode… and it connects to last month’s dose.

    I have no way of knowing if she accidentally ingested some of it, or if it’s just that bad on her skin; either way, I am convinced it is not a safe product and I will not use it again.

  3. Here is my horror with Promeris. I used it Monday night on a 3 month Chi that i pulled from Dallas Animal Shelter to treat his mange. The next day his temp. raised to 104.9 and he was getting limp and threw up. I cooled him down after a few hours to 102. Took him to the vet the next day because i was afraid it was distemper. Then the light bulbs flashed, and I told my vet that i thought he was having a reaction to the Promeris. The day after that they ran a CBC and determined that he had no infection and that everything was fine in regards to the blood. But by now, he was falling over and would not eat or drink or even stand. They gave him an antidote shot to counteract the drug. After that shot, within 5 minutes he was drinking water and had a couple of bites of food, but still falling over.

    I call my really trust-worthy vet who moved away to discuss with him. He told me to wash the dog repeatedly in Dawn dishwashing soap and to never use Promeris again. He had done the research and the trials that you don’t hear about were horrible. He refuses to sell it in his vet clinic. The drug in mitaban dips is the same that is in Promeris, just at a very high level of it. We already know that mitaban dips sort of wipe out our Chi’s after they get the bath, imagine putting it on the dog full strength. Needless to say, our rescue group will go back to mitaban dips for our little ones.

    Well, as of this morning, four days later, my little pup is walking now but not perfect. His tail is wagging, and wagging hard. He is drinking a ton of water and is starting to nibble on hot dogs. We are not out of the woods yet, but it is a start. And he is continuing to receive his Dawn baths everyday as well as his daily prayer.

    Promeris is bad stuff in my opinion.

  4. I have used promeris twice before and have not noticed any problems with the product but this morning I applied the third dose and found a big behaviour change with my two dogs. My older dog has become very lethargic while my younger dog has become very agitated. (I am only 12 hours in). The behaviour change has been so dramatic that it has prompted me to do a little research on the product and I am not liking what I see. I will keep a very close eye on my wonderful friends thru-out the night.

  5. my dog collapsed and almost died 6 hrs post application of this product. i am a qualified veterinary nurse with years of experience and had applied the product correctly – i teach people in clinics how to do this!
    i am lucky as i was around when it happened and i was able to start emergency treatment whilst waiting for the vet to arrive.
    it took 48 hrs hospitalisation until my dog was back to himself.
    i contacted the company who informed me that not only will my vets bill be paid but they are having european clinical trials on the product in sept to find out why reactions like this happen! i was furious that a) they werent even shocked at my account of symptoms b) we are still selling the product when we know there is a problem with it. my practice never has and never will sell this product.
    my boss is meeting with the rep from the company in a few weeks and i would appreciate it if anyone has time to email me their experiences with this. thanks very much,

  6. I had a very healthy 3 year old Great Dane which we treated with ProMeris on Monday July 14, 2008 around 9 am. Within hours he had a bowel movement on the porch. This was very out of the ordinary for him, but we really thought nothing of it. The following day, he was having severe diarhea, drooling profusely, and unable to walk.

    My wife took him to the vet around 3pm. Upon arrival in the vets office, he neary immediately starting having seizures. When my wife told the vet that she had applied ProMeris to him, the vet immediately gave him a shot of Valium to subside the seizures. When she called Fort Dodge for advice, she was instructed to wash the treatment off of him immediately. After diong so she sent him home with more liquid Valium and Phenylbarbotol to calm the seizures.

    He had seizures all throughout the night. He died the folowing morning, exactly 48 hours after applying ProMeris. We took him to a private lab to have a necropsy done, but all of the normal tests did not show any reason why he should have died. The doctor is doing more extensive tests, and we are still awaiting the results of them.

    The ProMeris was purchased from a vet other than our normal one, which I think may have sold us samples. There was no literature what so ever with the treatments we purchased. My wife went on the web site for ProMeris for application instructions, but that particular site had absolutely no warnings on any side effects.

    This is absolutely no way for any animal to die and I feel that this is a VERY dangerous product and it should be removed from sale until more testing is done and it can be made safer.

  7. July 4, 2008

    I also purchased promeris for my 4 dogs. I did not notice a reaction the first and second administrations but 3 of my dogs live outside. On the 1st of this month, we applied the promeris in the evening. I work night shift and arrived home the next morning to find 1 of my dogs lethargic and vomiting. Then, she collapsed, on her face and seized. She did this again within minutes and was walking around dazed. She also defecated while she was walking around. I took her to the vet immediately and told them that we had put the promeris on last evening. They informed me that they no longer carried the promeris but attributed this episode to her eating something “nasty”. They watched her for the day then sent her home on oral antibiotics.

    Looking back, my indoor dog vomited on the prior administration – but I did not connect it with the promeris. Also, all 4 dogs have dermatitis @ the administration site. The dog that had the severe reaction has it all over her back. We are using medicated shampoo to try to help clear this up.

    It is now three days after the event and my dog is back to normal. Needless to say, I am very disturbed by the events. I sincerely hope Fort Dodge will pull this medication! I know I love and value all my animals and would be distraught if I lost one!

  8. I also purchased promeris last month.
    On 07/02/2008 I was opening the package and it splashed into my face. I had put it on my dog and ran to the restroom to wash this out of my eye and face.
    I got sick (both ends) and called poison control. They could not help me, said that the ingredient metaflumizone was not in their web base and couldn’t tell me what to do.
    This morning, both me and my dog have the runs and may need to go to the doctor.
    I Would not tell anyone to buy this product!!!

  9. ProMeris is a BAD product! My 9 year old chow is still sick–first day very lethargic–could hardly walk–and then threw up and pooped all over the house during the night the 2nd day–still after almost 3 days not back to normal self. Called vet and he said there was no antidote–I called ProMeris and they said there is something to administer but wouldn’t tell me what–would only speak to the vet. He called them and then I went in and he gave my dog a shot–it did NO good! I am hoping my dog will recover. This is a huge worry to me and I had to go through this while on a rare vacation! Don’t buy it/use ProMeris on your pet. Not worth the risk. My dearest pet is still not right.

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