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We wanted to share some of the latest emails and comments with you regarding Beneful! PLEASE, everyone, if your dog has become ill while eating Beneful, Report it to the FDA link below as well as to Purina, is still denying they have even had any reports of sick dogs!!!! If they wont take responsibility then lets see if the FDA will investigate this.

Hi Jeannie,

I did manage to get in touch with Purina last week (finally). I nonchalantly asked the woman who had gotten my call if they had gotten any complaints about Beneful and sicknesses/deaths of dogs, and she replied that they hadn’t. Based on what I’ve been reading online, I’m 100% sure that that is an untrue statement, and this just indicates they continue to protect the reputation of their product which, by this time, seems to me to have something wrong with it, based on the masses of evidence I’ve looked through online. There was one article on DoggyBling that stated Purina had even convened a meeting to talk about the issue.

I gave her my information and told them about what had happened to my dog, and she said that another supervisor would call me in a few days about it. This was back on Tuesday, but they haven’t called me back yet. I’m sure I could give them the benefit of the doubt in this situation….but I cannot do the same for their other misdeeds in the past few months. For god’s sake, dogs have died and are dying out there. If there are readers who believe there is something wrong with Beneful from their own experiences, you can link them to this FDA page, contact numbers for different areas across the US.

Thank you so much again!


Hi, We have a 9 month old choc lab puppy who we have been feeding Beneful to since we got got him at 12 weeks. Well, back in February we went on vacation and boarded our dog for the first time with a family friend and a new bag of Beneful. Not a week went by when we got back and Chewie (our puppy) started throwing up and had bad diarrhea. I just figured that he probably got a virus from another dog where he stayed. So that all passed…

We just bought a new bag Monday 4/9/07. I fed Chewie a bowl on Tuesday and on Wednesday he ate about a 1/2 bowl. Thursday, I noticed that he was kinda sluggish (very abnormal for a lab puppy), so I let him inside for him to eat and he refused very quickly after smelling it! Very soon after he refused, he was nudging me in the leg frantically to go outside…I let him outside and he instantly started throwing up.

Friday morning and still throwing up without eating and barely drinking, I tempted him to some noodles, crackers, whatever I could think of…just so he would eat and gain some strength back! Nothing worked!! I started thinking about all the recalled dog foods and decided to start researching only to find all this bad stuff that had been happening to peoples dogs who had been using Beneful. I only wish I would have read up on dog foods back when we got Chewie as a birthday present for our 5 year old son!!

Now it’s Saturday and he still won’t eat and he barely wants water. He is still throwing up and looks very weak! I can’t get him to come out of his cage. We really aren’t in a situation where we can afford a huge vet bill right now…so unfortunately we are having to wait it out and hope for the best!

But honestly, after reading all the symptoms everyone else has seen, I truly believe Beneful is the #1 cause of his sickness!

Erin & Chad


I am very sad to say our 9 month old puppy “chewie” passed away the other morning. I really do believe that he was poisoned by Purina Beneful and I have emailed them and gotten a response stating that Purina Beneful was NOT part of the recall! My next step is to call FDA and report it. Apparently they only work until 4:30…so I will have to call tomorrow. I can not believe that Purina is getting away with this!!

Erin & Chad


During the last week of December 2006, Winston, our 7 lb yorkie suddenly became very ill. He had never been sick before. He was lathargic, glassy eyed, wouldn’t eat, very thirsty, bad breath and then vomiting. Took him to the vet, where they kept him because he was almost at deaths door from kidney failure. Vet determined poisen, suspected anti-freeze. We don’t have antifreeze, never have, but the vet had only seen these symptoms from anti-freeze. After 1.5 days at the vet and vet hospital, he had to be put down. New Years Eve.
The ONLY dog food used was Beneful. I still have the bag because is was fairly new at the time. When all these stories came out, I of course put it together.
There is no other explanation than Beneful. I have not had the food checked yet. I believe because of Winston’s size, he wasn’t able to pull out of being poisened.
Something needs to happen here with Purina accepting responsibility.


We had just opened a new bag of beneful healthy weight yesterday morning (4/13/07) because our 2 dogs (a golden retriever and a husky)eat twice a day. Then I noticed when I was feeding them dinner my 8 year old husky looked like she was feeling sick and seemed like she didn’t want to eat her food (she usually eats within 5 minutes!) When I looked at my 4 1/2 year old golden retriever she was eating her food but very slowly, so I became very worried. Then this morning I found out that my husky must have thrown up sometime at night. So we took her to the vet and they said that they didn’t know if it was the food or not. Then when we came back home we saw that our golden had thrown up as well. And throughout the day our husky has thrown up once because she doesn’t eat as much food as our golden who threw up three times already and it’s only 6:00pm. So now we’ve been feeding them rice and chicken broth. We are also giving them medicine from the vet called Sucralfate 1 gm. So now we just don’t know what to feed our dogs anymore.


My lab mix five and half years old was raised on Purina dry food, mainly eating Beneful, was healthy and never had a problem on the food before, but died in May of this year, 2007 after having the same exact symptoms as mentioned above. I am in a class action lawsuit against Menu Foods but I feel Purina is responsible too and should be held accountable. I will never trust them or their product again with another precious animal’s life.



  1. I work at a vet hospital. One of our clients came in last week with the bag of Beneful that her dog has been eating from and was seen at our hospital in the beginning of this month. She complained to both Purina and the FDA. Purina requested her record and invoices from her visit with us to be faxed to them. Sounds like they are doing some investigating. I will let you know what happens.

  2. I have 3 large dogs who had no troubles with Beneful for almost a year. This last bag I bought seems to have some troubles though. The other day I noticed one of my dogs throwing up and last night, the other 2 started. I keep a close eye on those kiddos of mine, they are like kids to me so I notice every little thing about them and this is not normal. I changed the food immediately (threw away almost 40 pounds of it) and started them on a food with no fillers, no preservatives and no animal by-products. The vet says they should be okay since I caught it early but I’m still worried.

    I called the FDA and a man called me back immediately from his home (it was 7pm and his answering service told him of my call). A woman called me back early the next morning and I gave her the information. She asked alot of questions and seemed concerned. I’m to call her back Monday morning and find out what’s going on with it. I’ll keep y’all posted.

    P.S. If you have trouble with the food and want to report it to the FDA in your area, leave it in it’s original bag. She told me if they need a sample of it, it has to be uncontaminated so don’t put it in something else. You’ll also need all the numbers from the bad bag of food, where you bought it and the date you bought it.

  3. Having trouble with my two shepards eating beneful. Throws up EVERYTIME! Im calling and complaining too….arggghhh, Purina, take responsibility!

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