Many pets not old but stricken with diet-induced AIDS

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Many pets not old but stricken with diet-induced AIDS

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I had been working on acquiring another Boston Terrier for my family. Things were all set with a friend of mine to ship out a beautiful boy for me show and co-own with her. She took him to her vet yesterday for a health check up so he could fly out here to me. To her shock and dismay, her beautiful 2 1/2 year old, Champion dog was diagnosed with Periodontal disease! How could this happen?


 Modern processed diets are known to be responsible for periodontal or gum disease which affects more than 85% of domestic cats and dogs. Foul breath odour is an early sign suggesting that more severe heart, liver and kidney disease may follow.An article published way back in the December 1995 issue of the British Journal of Small Animal Practice confirms that processed pet foods produce periodontal disease which often leads to an AIDS-like condition in affected animals. (JSAP 1995 36, 542-546)Dr Tom Lonsdale of Riverstone NSW the author of the paper admits that he, along with almost everyone else, used to recommend processed pet foods.”Previously we thought animals were suffering the effects of old age when in fact they were wasting away with periodontal disease and diet-induced AIDS.”“Now we treat the periodontal disease and provide the pets with a natural diet. The removal of the poisons allows the immune system to recover and owners frequently report that their old pet is like a puppy/kitten again.”

“I believe that this information should have been available to Australian vets and their patients in 1993. The Australian Veterinary Journal refused to publish the research findings.”

“In my view a committee of inquiry should be established. Diet induced AIDS of pets is just as nasty as HIV AIDS for humans. In France HIV AIDS experts suppressed information for a mere two months and as a result were prosecuted and some gaoled for ‘complicity in poisoning.”(Science Vol 268 16 June 1995)

Dr Tom Lonsdale and other concerned veterinarians continue their campaign for the banning of what they consider to be misleading pet food industry advertising. “Pet owners should be informed that feeding processed pet foods is likely to lead to ill health, suffering and unnecessary vet bills.” Dr. Tom Lonsdale Riverstone Veterinary Hospital

“In the natural state, carnivores do not develop calculus (tartar). Domesticated animals, in contrast, are not eating their natural diet and the softer food accumulates on the outside of the teeth in an area where it cannot easily be cleaned off. It is familiar to us that we can put our tongue in between our teeth and the inside of the cheeks to clean out accumulated food. Dogs and cats cannot do that as their teeth are too sharp. In the natural state, carnivores keep the outside teeth clean by gnawing on bones, a process you can still see with both dogs and cats accustomed to eating bones. If you observe the position they take, you will see that they use their side teeth in a sliding motion along the bone and this scrapes off any residue left from eating. The obvious solution to the problem of tartar accumulation in domestic animals is to give them bones to chew on. In my experience this is the most effective method and, for many animals, will clean the teeth to perfection.” Dr. Pitcairn DVM

So when feeding your dog a natural, raw diet, chicken bones and the larger knuckle bones clean the teeth and stimulate the gums naturally.

If you choose NOT to feed your dog raw food, here’s are some alternatives:

Wysong Dentatreat

ingredients that help to maintain oral health. It can be sprinkled directly onto food or it can also be used with a toothbrush as a tooth cleaning powder. Dentatreat is made entirely of safe, natural food ingredients and has no artificial colorings or flavorings. It helps to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis, remineralizes teeth, and discourages growth of bacteria that cause plaque and bad breath.Young Living Fresh Essence Plus Mouth Rinse and Dentrome Plus Toothpaste

formulated only pure, natural, safe, and effective ingredients. At the heart of their formulas is a blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils that was tested at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, and found to reduce bacteria, some of which may be responsible for compromising oral hygiene. Moreover, these products contain absolutely no saccharin, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no synthetic chemicals, and no artificial colors .

Tooth and gum disease can be dangerous to your dog’s health. When left untreated, the harmful bacteria caused by this disease can enter the blood stream and travel to the major organs, such as the kidney, liver and heart … causing illness & even death. Gum disease begins with the formation of plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that forms in the mouth at the gum line. Plaque hardens into tartar, which harms the gums causing them to become red & swollen, known as gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis will lead to gum or periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can involve infections of the bone that hold the teeth in place, resulting in loss of bone, which can cause the teeth to fall out.

Travis came to me with exposed bone at the gum line, black and rotting teeth and breath that could knock you over!   I have started him on ground, whole chicken leg quarters, Enzymes Pro + and I am gently rubbing a cotton ball soaked in fresh essence mouth wash made by Young Living on his teeth and gums in the evening…  I’ll keep you updated!

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