by Dr Jeannie Thomason

fleasticksItchy Pets

Is your dog or cat scratching, itching and chewing on themselves?

Does Your pet have chronic ear infections, yeast or hot spots?

Are you tired of trying steroids, antibiotics, medicated shampoos and ear cleaners to no avail?

Are you ready to stop throwing remedies at symptoms only have them return?

Are ready to have your dog or cat be truly healthy and address the root cause of the itching and infections?

Natural Wellness For Itchy Pets

From my experience, study and research over the years, I have found that in almost 98.9% of the serious skin conditions that an animal can suffer, the root cause is an enormous amount of accumulated toxicity in the pet’s system.

The cleansing, filtering eliminative organs or systems of the body (liver, kidneys, lungs, bowels and  of course the skin) are saturated and even clogged from our chemical/toxic laden living and in their weakened, clogged condition are no longer able to do their designed function-clean the blood and eliminate the toxins.

Unclean, contaminated blood cannot provide nutrition to the entire body’s cells which of course includes the skin.UN-nourished cells begin to die. The end result of  contaminated blood circulating through the body and organs creating an environment ripe for chronic dis-ease.  The blood can only contain so much. It either contains nutrition or it contains toxic contaminants.

The skin is the largest eliminative organ in the body.  It is quite logical then that the skin will acquire more than its share of these toxins/contaminants trying to be eliminated and various reactions will naturally occur–itching, scratching,chewing, clawing, digging, bleeding, hot spots, bald patches, open wounds, sores, loss of hair, etc.. 

The body also produces toxins of its own in the form of byproducts of digestion and normal metabolism. If the animal’s system is overloaded or malfunctioning, these toxins as well as the environmental toxins are not being completely eliminated. Major organs that are required for the immune system to maintain health, such as the liver, kidneys and digestive tract become overworked and overwhelmed, and in many cases can no longer fully accomplish their tasks of removing the toxins as they were intended to. Toxins accumulate in the inter cellular space (the space between the cells) and metabolic processes are impeded. All of these toxins can lead to blocked enzyme systems and free radical damage, which can result in immune impairment and inflammation. Any system or organ can be affected primarily or secondarily however, since the skin is the largest of the eliminative organs, it does its best to take over when the bowel, liver and kidneys are not able to properly perform their roles.

Itchy skin is just the beginning and in many cases it is normally triggered by toxins “blowing out through the skin.”

As always, I can’t stress enough that the basis and foundation of all health/wellness is bioavailable, (raw) wholesome, nutrition. If you are providing the ultimate diet of raw meat, bones and organs but, your pet is itching, having ear infections, etc. most always it because the cells cannot receive the nutrition due to contaminated, toxin ladin blood circulating in its body.

There is only one way to stop your dog’s misery and that is to get to the root cause of the problem–TOXINS and build up the weakened and/or compromised immune system.

Remove the toxins – throw away not only the toxic chemical laden pest and parasite products but be sure to get rid of all household cleaning chemicals, personal care products that are not 100% naturally based ingredients.  Stop feeding processed foods and treats – they contain GMOs, metals,  preservatives, additives and synthetics. Stop vaccinating (do you know what vaccines contain?   All of the toxic chemicals can be replaced with non-toxic, all natural products.

Start with proper nutrition
in the form of a species appropriate, raw diet (raw meat bones and organs – NO grains or vegetables).  This one action step alone is able to do more for your dog’s over-health and well being than anything else. The proper nutrition now being available, will provide the dog’s body with true nutrition and energy which are the building blocks necessary to build a balanced immune system.

You see, wellness and life its self  is all about energy, vibrational frequencies of life. Every living thing on this planet is made up of energy and this especially includes food. This energy can be measured in megahertz (MHz) frequency ratings. This may sound a little funny, but it’s true. The core organs such as our lungs, heart, and brain, also emit an energy or electrical frequency rating that measures typically around 70 MHz. So, with that concept in mind, what does that make you think about the food choices you may have been making  for your pets? Seems to me to only make sense that you would want to be feeding foods that would speak to your pet’s body; that radiate the same or higher MHz frequency.

In 1992 Bruce Tainio, of Tainio Technology, an independent division of Eastern State University in Cheny, Washington, developed and built the world’s first frequency monitor, which measures frequencies in hertz, megahertz, and kilohertz. This frequency monitor was perfected until it proved 100% accurate.

Further, Tainio has discovered that when an individual’s frequency drops, the immune system becomes compromised, which can lead to serious health disorders.

Tainio found that when tested, canned and processed foods contained “0” frequencies, it was dead!

Dogs, being carnivores, are not designed or equipped to eat cooked foods in the first place, let alone processed foods, grains and vegetables. Cooking destroys the nutrients and enzymes so by feeding kibble or even canned pet foods to our dogs they are not getting true nutrition. Pet food manufactures tell you that the food is complete and balanced nutrition for your pet and even lists the nutrients on the label. However, these nutrients listed are either what was available PRIOR the processing of the ingredients or it is a list of the synthetic vitamins and minerals that were sprayed onto the end product before sealing the bag. So, if there is any nutrition at all in the processed food, please know that it is not coming from the ingredients of meat, grains and vegetables they started out with since that has all been destroyed by the processing and cooking at the high temperatures used in the processing. This is the reason the majority of kibble and canned fed animals are pretty much starving for nutrition and always begging for more food. They become obese – not from over-feeding as much as from Mal-nutrition.

Strengthen the immune system

The key to self-healing  (yes the body is designed to heal its self but it must be nourished and kept balanced) is a strong defense (immune system) system, which protects from everything from harmful bacteria to out of control cancer cells. More than their mainstream counterparts, animal naturopaths believe that a weak immune system plays a key role in causing dis-ease in the body. For instance, antibiotics will kill harmful bacteria however, they do not discriminate – they kill the “good or friendly” bacteria that make up a large part of the immune system in the process and they do NOT have any affect what so ever  on what weakened the immune system in the first place. This is why animal naturopaths such as myself, focus far less on things that cause dis-ease and more on how to restore and maintain wellness.

The chronic dis-ases we commonly see in animals (and humans) have their basis in an immune system imbalance, e.g. diabetes, allergies, asthma, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, repeated/chronic ear infections, cancer, etc. The body has the ability to heal its self; when the immune system is strong and supported with raw nutrition and the laws of nature .

Healing Frequencies of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

When disease and illness are present, they may manifest as chemical imbalances. But underlying this is an electromagnetic imbalance that has altered the specific vibrational frequencies of the very molecules, cells, tissues and organs within the body.

Speaking again of energetic or electrical frequencies, Dr. Royal R. Rife, a brilliant physician and scientist in the 1920’s, found that every health disorder has a frequency, and that certain high frequencies can prevent further development of these disorders, by raising the body’s frequency. (It is believed that all health disorders have a low frequency).

Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest electrical/energetic frequency of any natural substance known to man and when used in conjunction with the laws of health/nature, they have the ability to  create an environment in which bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. cannot thrive.

A substance with a higher frequency such as essential oils can raise a lower frequency due to the principle of entrainment – the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. This principle is key to understanding the effect essential oils can have on the electromagnetic frequency and balancing the immune system.

If you learning more about essential oils, and their use with pets, you may be interested in going HERE

Balance the flora (friendly bacteria)throughout your dog’s body

A fact often overlooked in detoxing and promoting balance in the immune system is that 80% of the immune system is housed in the gut.  The intestinal tract/gut is often the “first line of defense” for the body and must be in good order for the animal to maintain a healthy immune response.

Beneficial/friendly micro-flora produce short chain fatty acids that modulate the gut pH and provide a source of fuel for the cells lining the gut. This, in turn, strengthens the intestinal cells and helps enhance nutrient absorption. Micro-flora also produce digestive enzymes and synthesize vitamins. One of the most important roles of lactic acid bacteria is to stimulate the immune response in the gut. These micro-flora can directly block attachment of potential pathogens to the intestinal wall. They are also known to modulate the intestinal environment to inhibit the over-growth of potential pathogens and produce immune stimulating factors.

Click Here For Recommended Probiotics.

Beta Glucan

Beta glucan – abundant in various medicinal mushrooms – could be the next big immune system boosting compound to go mainstream. Beta glucans are polysaccharides that have attracted attention for their immune enhancing and tumor fighting abilities.

Beta glucan stimulates and mobilizes immune cells such macrophages and natural killer cells.  Beta glucan has the remarkable power to boost the immune response. Some studies suggest that digesting certian mushroom extracts may actually increase the body’s own killer cell production over 1000-fold in just a couple of days. Now, that’s what you could call IMMUNITY… turbocharged!


Exercise is actually an immune enhancer. It creates immune enhancing chemicals, and increases oxygen, which helps fight antigens more effectively. Our pets are not getting as much exercise as they need. Play more games of fetch more often than once a week, take longer, brisker walks. Get the heart rate and respiration up at least once day.


Our canine companions sadly spend far too much time indoors, they need to be in the sunlight more.  Sunlight supports and strengthens the immune system, lowers blood sugar and blood pressure, utilizes calcium and phosphorus, increases red and white blood cells, calms the nerves and increases adrenaline; it reverses jaundice; it increases circulation; and it helps eliminate or “detox” pesticides and other chemicals from the system.

Natural Remedies to ease symptoms (will not remove the cause)

While you are switching to a raw diet and or putting your pet through a detox you may want to use a natural remedy of some kind to help ease the symptoms of itching or discomfort.  Here are a few products to consider:

PetiGo is a homeopathic blend that is in a liquid spray form to be simply sprayed in the pet’s mouth or on to its food.

Only Natural Pet Chinese Herbal Blend  Traditional Chinese Medicine for skin irritation and itching – (liquid) states it supplies nourishment to the blood, stimulate blood movement and calm the spirit.

DERMagic Organic Skin Rescue Shampoo Bar is perfect for the dog suffering problems like hot spots, itchy skin, mange, alopecia X, or yeast infections. This amazing organic shampoo bar utilizes sulfur and Neem oil to naturally eliminate topical yeast, fungus, fleas, mites, and bacteria, while giving your pet a refreshing exfoliating cleansing that rinses squeaky clean. The Skin Rescue Bars contain no preservatives, no sulfates and no harsh chemicals, providing the perfect first step to restoring your dog’s skin to good health.

DIY Total Wellness Program for Pets & Consultations:

Need guidance and support with detoxing and healing your pet?   Dr. Jeannie in collaboration with her friend and colleguage has created an online program in natural wellness for dogs and cats based on the most frequently questions regarding concerns over the years from her clients who obtained personal consultations. The DIY Total Wellness for Pets Program combines the most helpful resources all in one place, as well as step-by-step guidance on “how to” and “what to expect” thereby removing all the guesswork for you so your pet can BE well and whole again!

One on One Consultations

The purpose and general goal of the one on one animal naturopathic consultation offered by Dr. Jeannie is to educate the client about their animals body systems in relation to function and ability pertaining to maintenance of overall homeostasis (balance) through the removal of various, and typically specific, obstacles to their health, thus thereby encouraging their pet’s  body’s own natural healing processes and supplying a personal action plan for the individual animal.

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