Isn’t This Interesting? Number of Veterinary Visits Falling

What you see here, is the banding together of the veterinarians with the drug and so called “prescription diet” processed food companies. The goal being to get more of the public to go to the veterinarians – but why?

Drugs, vaccines, prescription foods……because these are what this industry wants the public to believe are somehow promoting your pet’s health. Generally speaking the veterinarians are fighting (as well as the drug companies), the “changing vaccine protocols” because that was a quick and easy way to make money. The results of that tactic is the vaccine induced diseases in our pets that have now opened the door for the making of even more money to diagnose and treat these vaccine induced diseases .

As the public decreases their veterinary visits for repetitive vaccines, dangerous toxic chemicals to treat flea and tick exposures, getting drugs for vaccine induced diseases and slow death in a bag “prescription” diets, it is easy to predict the end result will be more healthy pets overall. That is of course if the public will feed a proper, species appropriate raw diet and seek naturopathic means to boost their pets immune systems.

This forming of a coalition of veterinarians with the multi-billion dollar pharmicutial and pet food companies is NOT a positive thing for the pets at all. Rather, it is a very lucritive alliance to further fill the coffers of the drug companies, pet food corperations and the veterinarians. Be warned – be informed.

What is animal naturopathy?
Dr Jeannie Thomason


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