Is There A MicroChip in YOUR Future?

CBN News ( Christian Broadcasting Network) has just aired a piece about microchipping livestock, pets and people, entitled: “Is There An ID Chip In Your Future?”

As part of her piece on chip implants, Heather Sells, the CBN reporter, went to New Jersey to interview Barbara Haywood of DogPolitics.com with regard to pet microchips, as well as a woman from Little Ferry, NJ who was implanted with a human chip as part of a joint program by her insurance company, NJ Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey, Hackensack Medical Center AND none other than Digital Angel.

BTW – this woman’s chip has migrated (just as they have and continue to do in pets) and now Hackensack Medical Center says removal of the chip is not covered and if she wants it out  – it will cost approx. 10K!  This is an awsome and highly informative article!

Please go HERE for the whole story.

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