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Innumerable health issues – diet

Have you noticed that the majority of companion animals today are suffering innumerable health issues once unheard of in pets?  Please note that it is much to the owners’ dismay that their dogs (or cats) have developed these un-healthy conditions or dis-eases while being fed exclusively; expensive, “scientifically formulated”, “high-end” pet foods, receiving regular veterinary care, getting all the recommended vaccinations and and using all the costly parasite control medications.

I know that if you are reading this, you are most likely one of the well-intentioned owners that is  eager to provide only the “very best” of care to your pets… your well-loved pets. However, it is very likely that you or someone you know has pets that are plagued with some kind of un-healthy condition.  Whether it be allergies, hot spots, chronic ear infections, skin & coat problems, periodontal disease, obesity, diabetes, hip displasia, heart disease, liver disease, pancreatitis, renal failure, or cancer…

Speaking of cancer, did you know that statistically, it is estimated that 1 in 2 dogs will develop cancer in their lifetimes! How can that be when we love our pets so much and do everything the veterinarian and media tell us to do in an attempt to keep them thriving and healthy?

As an animal naturopath, I believe these conditions do not just arise “in spite of” the high-end pet food, regular vaccinations, and expensive parasite control… I believe these conditions, in most cases, develop because of these things. With diet/feeding processed and/or cooked pet food being the basis of the majority of these unhealthy conditions!

How can we expect our companion animals to thrive and be healthy on junk food?   Yes,  that’s right,  I said junk food!  It does not matter if the “food” you are feeding your pets is expensive, scientificlly formulated, “organic” or veterinary approved, don’t be suckered in by the multi-billion dollar pet food industry with their sly marketing words and pictures.

Take a minute right now and think about the ads you see for pet food.  Have you ever stoped to notice the  words they are using to describe their pet foods? The “selling” points of nearly all pet food companies these days revolve around “natural”, “organic”, “instinctive”, “primal”, and “wild”.  Really?  Please, someone tell me what is so natural or instinctive or even wild about processed carbrohydrates, rotting vegetables and diseased, disabled or dying animals that have been processed to the point of being totally void of any nutrition?  (So void of nutrition, the manufactures have to spray on a synthetic, “scientific”, man-made formula of so called nutrients so they can state SOME nutritent value in the food.

Their goal is to leave customers with the deep and unwavering belief that these products contain all the goodness – the very essence – of a species-appropriate, natural diet. Primitive, Primal, Instinct, Wild – come on! It is just this concept they happily market – yet the food they profit from could not have possibly strayed farther from a nutritionally dense diet!

The only way we will be able to break this cycle of dis-ease in our companion animals is to feed them a RAW diet, according their species.

Here is where things get touchy for many.  We have been brain-washed into thinking our dogs are omnivores, not carnivores and yet, with just a little education in simple anatomy and physiology, it is clear that we truly have been brain-washed and our dogs and cats have been the pawns used to make trillions of dollars for the pet food and most of the veterinary community.  There is no denying dogs are carnivores!

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