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Improving The Biological Terrain In Dogs

As an animal naturopath, my focus is health, not dis-ease, on promoting wellness,supporting the body’s own healing abilities, and empowering the pet owner to make lifestyle changes necessary for the best possible healthy, long life. One of the ways to promote wellness is by improving the biological terrain in our dogs.

The term “Biological Terrain” refers to the assessment of the health of the cells. The one hundred trillion cells in the  body are bathed in a nutrient filled fluid matrix called the Biological Terrain.

Other names for this fluid include the interstitial matrix, internal milieu, ground matrix, the garden, etc. This environment , like the soil, feeds and nourishes all of the cells in the body. The outermost wall every cell is called the cell membrane. This membrane is permeable, which means that certain elements can flow in and out of this membrane. These cells absorb electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fluid in very specific amounts. The cell, to maintain cellular health, creates substances called energy-rich intermediates and then utilizes these nutrients.

As the Biological Terrain is the interstitial fluid that bathes and nourishes every cell in the body, it is well understood that disturbances or imbalances in this cellular environment affect the entire body, including the immune system. Over time, a compromised immune system has difficulty fighting disease and maintaining health. This theory later developed into the science known as Biological Terrain.”

“The primary cause of germ activity is the morbid soil (or environment) in which bacteria breed and multiply. Basing our practice on these fundamental propositions, we do not endeavor “to kill the germs” with poisonous drugs, vaccines, serums and antitoxins, but instead we endeavor through natural ways of living and natural methods of treatment to purify the organism of the systemic waste, morbid encumbrances and disease taints which furnish the soil for the development and multiplication of disease germs.”~Dr. Henry Lindlahr, Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics



*Pleomorphism is basically the concept that cells, and especially one-celled microorganisms, can morph/change form under certain conditions to cells of another type.

In naturopathy, alternative health, and even on the fringes of conventional mainstream science, there are those of us who believe that pleomorphism of microorganisms is widespread, and that such, pleomorphism is how nature performs various tasks of toxin cleanup and morbid tissue removal in the body.

In effect, this theory states that bacteria simply change to whatever form is most handily needed in the body, based upon cues from the body itself. Indeed, in the many parallel theories of biological terrain assessment and adjustment, the underlying assumption is that “infection” by microorganism really indicates nothing more than imbalances in the inner biochemical terrain of the body, and that if the inner terrain of the body is allowed to normalize, then the “infectious organisms” will cease their inflammatory activity, as their presence is no longer needed, as determined by the interior milieu. ~ Vinny Pinto

The more I continue to learn and research about true wellness, the electric body, the cellular terrain, the microbiome and pleomorhpisim, the more I am blown away at how truly fearfully and wonderfully we and our companion animals are made!

Improving The Biological Terrain

with Essential Oils

Although essential oils are only one option or  method available for supporting a total health/wellness plan. Pure essential oils are one of the natural healing support modalities that I do firmly believe in and have experienced personally to improve the biological terrain!

Pure essential oils can improve the cellular terrain because of their high frequency levels, high ORAC ratings, and their ability to help the body get to a more balanced state.

Essential oils have  high electrical/vibrational frequencies. Whether they are Inhaled and/or applied to the body, their high frequency helps to increase the life frequency and resonance of the cells that make up the organs and the body itself.

Their high vibrational frequencies from the essential oil’s terpenes and sesquiterpene compounds, give them balancing and restoring properties that work to cause “bad” microorganisms to morph* and vibrate at higher frequencies, thus actually aiding the cells of the body to restore balance or harmony.


In part two, I will talk more about other ways to improve the biological/cellular Terrain of the body.


Please note that when I refer to “pure” essential oils, in my books, blog posts and/or articles, I am always and only referring to Young Living Essential Oils.  I have been using them in my home, on my companion animals, family and myself for nearly 19 years now and I have found that I can trust their quality and their seed to seal promise.  I can not and will not ever refer to or recommend any other essential oils because I have only experienced the safety of their use with animals and the effectiveness of Young Living Essential Oils.  If you would like to know more about these essential oils,  click HERE


*A consultation is highly recommended before any preventative program or diet change is started.

While I continue to provide educational articles and information for you here, most of these are general in nature. Therefore, I encourage you to set up an appointment with me to tailor a total wellness program specifically for your pet’s needs. This is particularly imperative in pets that are aging, with complicated health issues, or if you’ve done a lot of outside reading and have conflicting information you are confused about.



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