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Little Understood Importance of Enzymes For Our Dogs

Enzymes are the foundation of energy and the life force in all living things. They are responsible for building, detoxifying, and healing the body. They are also the force that allows your body to digest and absorb food. Enzymes also regulate tens of thousands of other biochemical functions that take place in the body every day. Even thinking involves “enzymes”. Without enzymes, seeds would not sprout, fruit would not ripen, leaves would not change color, and life would not exist.

Science has now confirmed (LEL) Low Enzyme Levels as the world’s #1 killer, based on the late Dr. Edward Howell’s 40-year research covering more than 700 worldwide studies. Low Enzyme Levels kill more humans than AIDS, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and accidents – combined. The studies conclude that all diseases, from cancer to the minor sniffle, have one root cause “Low Enzymes Levels”. When the body’s enzyme levels are high, disease disappears. When low – disease appears and eventually kills. This applies to our compainon animals in the same degree.

Not only are enzymes necessary for proper digestion, they are an integral component of every chemical reaction that occurs within the body.

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