Not just acronyms, it is secret code for “Let The War Begin!” Veterinary association wars that is. Positions drawn and weapons loaded, Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare square off.
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The Humane Society’s creation is a duly chartered 501c3, a tax-free “arm” of the HSUS. The Animal Rights Activists (ARA) are now well represented within the veterinary profession. Actually, they already were, this just brings it out in the open.

Your vet probably belongs to the American Veterinary Medical Assoc. (AMVA) which boasts over 76,000 vet members. Even so, it isn’t funded by public donations like HSUS and will be sadly lacking in $$$ ammunition with which to fight the HSVA takeover. According to the HSUS, the war will be spearheaded by “cutting the AVMA’s lock on veterinarians who purchase the group’s business insurance programs by offering alternative programs.”

The Humane Society Veterinary Association (HSVA) would be short-lived if the Humane Society Of The U.S. were to be successful in ending all domestic animal reproduction. Note the hypocrisy which doesn’t bother HSUS in the least. After all, it collects well over $100,000, 000.00 (one hundred million bucks) per year and like many other non-profits, it will use and profit from another tax-exempt “arm” capable of raking in many more millions.

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