By Patricia Jordan, DVM, VND

Below is a letter written Dr. Patricia Jordan, veterinarian and veterinary naturopath, to a reporter who was writing on the topic of behavior and socialization of dogs from a veterinarian’s perspective. Sadly, the reporter was not interested in what Dr Jordan had to say but hopefully you are.

I do want my readers to know that personally, as an ex veterinary technician and as an animal naturopath,  I have seen and experienced that vaccines are toxins that dis-regulate the immune system just as Dr. Jordan has stated.

[box] I personally adhere to the natural rearing principles that includes a raw meat, bone and organ diet and no toxins which obviously means no vaccines as well. So even though Dr. Jordan reluctantly stood by the minimum vaccine protocol whe she wrote this article, she has since agreed that the only safe vaccine is the one not given.  I personally, can not in good conscience ever say anything other than even one vaccine is too many as I believe they cause harm to the animals and that they do not in any way convey immunity.  Dr Jeannie Thomason[/box]

How Vaccines Affect Both Socialization and Behavior in Dogs

I understand you are writing on the topic of behavior and socialization in dogs and want to hear from veterinarians. My experience of being a practicing veterinarian for over 25 years is matched by others such as Dr. Stephen Blake (37 years) and Dr. Richard Pitcairn (40 years) of watching vaccines result in disease in the animals, including behavioral changes.

[box] University California at Davis recently finished studies proving the development of anger, aggression, and anxiety in both animals and humans following vaccinations. This would not be surprising as the mercury in vaccines (yes it is still in there) and aluminum are both neurotoxins and in combination synergetic. Also the viruses, both intentional and contaminants, are known to affect neural tissues, aluminum opens the blood brain barrier, allows mercury, aluminum and viruses into the brain and the ensuing inflammation that develops is well, encephalitis![/box]

A French study showed both in animals and humans the more viruses that are collected (the vaccine being the best way to infect the body with viruses) the more apathetic the individual becomes.

The rabies vaccine and others are associated with encephaleptogens and this causes seizures.

The aluminum from vaccines sequesters in the hippocampus of the brain which is the seat of endocrine regulation and even dis regulated endocrine systems lead to behavioral changes.

I have seen plenty of behavioral changes following vaccination and will actually be speaking on this at a national veterinary convention next May (2011). Sad thing is that this has been recognized for the past 150 years and still no consensus, I am sure due to the commercial protection of the vaccine. Worse, there are no cases that actually prove the vaccine to be environmentally epidemiologically sound medicine or even necessary for infectious disease rates. They are not safe, they lack gene impact studies. They are not effective and they are not even necessary to affect the infectious disease rates!

[box] “The only safe vaccine is one that is never used. No vaccine can be proven safe before it is given …” ~Statements by the late James A. Shannon, while serving as Director of the US National Institutes of Health.[/box]

Our rescue dogs and adoption centers are really needing to be told the damage from repeating vaccines is only advancing adverse events and vaccine induced disease. Sometimes, animals are repeatedly vaccinated and they should instead be being titered. Many examples can be shown where more disease is occurring in humans with the high titers and then on top being vaccinated again. (Measles and autism)

Leading veterinary immunologist, Dr. Ron Schultz has been on public record since 1978 with the information that animals do not need yearly vaccines, they do not need vaccines every three years and that indeed he only recommends a vaccine against the lethal viruses (distemper and parvo in the dog),once in their lifetime. Just as the AVMA has been on record that in the mammalian physiology the immune system is not unlike that of humans mammalian physiology and immune systems. Viral vaccines (the only ones really worth the risk) are good for life when administered one time to a mature mammalian immune system. Humans have been found now to have 92 years of protection from small pox from one vaccination! At least 14 years from one rabies vaccine (and the only thing that limits this is the fact that the years have to pass in order to retest the blood/serum samples in order to continue out the length of the study!

[box] Also, some very humbling information from my Virology 101 Course under Virologist Professor Rancanciello – viruses are not dead, they are not alive, they are simply blueprints of protein sequences that when in the vicinity of a permissive and receptive living cell can infect and replicate! This explains why in humans and in animals the injected vaccines have resulted in viral infections 30-35 years later! They are like the Cialis microbes..”when the time is right”..they will recombine, reshuffle, reorganize whatever for the infection to engage. This means that every vaccine is actually not just an injection but an INFECTION.[/box]

What you really do not want to know is that the level of contamination in these injected vaccines is simply inexcusable, incorrigible and the ticking time bomb every victim of vaccination gets the burden of carrying around. Just this year with the ability for independent testing of gene typing in vaccines, the children’s vaccines have been found to contain simian virus, chicken leucosis virus, and pig virus.

Everyone is pretty much aware now that they unleashed many dirty vaccines in the historical development of vaccines such as the oral polio vaccine that I even had as a child which infected me with Herpes 1, Herpes 2, cytomegalovirus; all monkey viruses in those vaccines. I am afraid an entire planet is now infected with the simian SV 40 virus from monkeys that is responsible for cancer.

Dr. Rancanciello also let us know that we didn’t know how to filter out these other pathogens and that not only viruses but now prions and virions have been found capable of replication and infection and are in those vaccines. If you read the NEXXUS article by Jon Rappaport, you will also hear about brain eating amoeba that has passed into vaccines and worse as relayed by a whistle blower from the vaccine industry. Whistle blowers are now with more frequency coming forward and the information is NOT good.

Even the Stanford University website now recognizes/admits that the source of the material passed around the world as the “small pox vaccine” is actually most likely cow syphilis; as if we needed to receive the syphilitic miasma into our genomes. The first polio vaccines were made from feces of children suspected of having polio and the feces was mixed with formalin, a known carcinogen.

Vaccines lack carcinogen teratogen and toxicity studies because, they are already fully aware that these vaccines cause these and the vaccine companies now enjoy full indemnification over the damage from vaccines.

The FDA was said to regulate the human vaccines, the USDA, animal vaccines and yet not one of these licensing agencies knows what is in the vaccines they approve and unleash! This is due to “proprietary information” laws. Even Dr. Ron Schultz had to wait 20 years before relaying information he learned about the vaccines due to Confidentiality contracts the drug companies force the researchers to sign.

The drug companies have all the money and pretty much with the government whom has policy making authority over them, is in bed with them! The recent head of the CDC whom has said for a decade that vaccines have no association with autism, went to work for her paymaster Merck (maker of most of these vaccines) and is now heading up a billions of dollar industry. The worse conflicts of interest occur with Dr. Paul Offitt the Head of the CDC Childhood Vaccine Advisory Division (read 30 Pieces of Silver) but know I have uncovered even more kickbacks from the industry to the government and this is one unholy marriage of money and power.. Read Hilary Butler’s “Follow the Money”.

Remember, there is not ONE epidemiologically environmentally sound study validating the vaccine in either humans or animals for safety, efficacy or even a necessity to affect infectious disease rates.

Dr. Harris Coulter has written a book, Vaccination, The Rise of Criminality and Social Violence, the Assault on the American Brain and in this book he tracks the rise of vaccinations to the rise of social violence and criminality and also a drop in this has been updated by myself and continues to this day. My book MARK OF THE BEAST HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT, updated the final chapter of Dr. Coulterâ’s book, Medical Hubris and its unintended consequences. This violence, aggression, anger link to vaccines can easily be understood if even knowing about the common fevers and encephalitis that follows vaccinations, the high pitched cry and neurological disorders, the learning disabilities and these are obviously also occurring in animals, although not admitted, is very much recognized.

Those whom are involved in training puppies and in the socialization of the dogs have linked the coincidence of these behavioral changes in some dogs that follows along with the puppyhood series of vaccinations.

I can only reluctantly support the minimal lethal virus vaccine schedule that Dr. Ron Schultz recommends. Nomographs to determine how long the maternal antibody is good for and then just one vaccine against the lethal viruses and to a mature mammalian immune system. However, much worse situations are actually occurring. Dr. Ron Schultz is on record and we made a videotape of his summary on vaccinations where he says that “he used to look towards pediatricians for guidance on promoting pediatric protocols for the puppies and kittens” but with what is happening today, if a child is even capable of surviving the National Childhood Vaccination Guidelines,(referring to the many vaccine induced diseases and adverse events that result from vaccinations),they will grow up unable to think (referring to the neurological damage and learning disabilities that result from vaccination).

This is in my understanding a direct admission to support Dr. Harris Coulter’s work, the work from California at Davis, the French study, the observations of those training the puppies, mine and many others especially veterinary homeopaths whom recognize “vaccinosis” and the generational horizontal transfer of miasmas pathology.

The effect is to the immune system alone less the whole body system,.but that is what they are doing. Jonas Salk is responsible for handing out cancer viruses to the planet. Dr. Ron Schultz is also on record with the facts that “everything is infected with mycoplasma; you can’t remove it from the contamination in the labs”. As a matter of fact most of the outbreaks of infectious disease are from the production, manufacture, research, transportations, storage or administration of vaccines. This is a heavy burden that man in his ignorance over vaccines is actually the most offensive vector of disease in all the history of the world,this is documentable!

In the UK they used serum from a woman who had mad cow disease or CJD, that takes over a decade to figure out as the latency period is that long….well her plasma was used to make vaccines and into the vials this went to be injected into entire populations of people whom in a decade would very well start being diagnosed with CJD, a variant of mad cow disease!

There is a video out there with the employees of Merck realizing that their use of the African Green Monkey kidney cells transferred the many monkey viruses into those whom are now the recipients of vaccines….so “Cialis…..when the time is right!” These many vaccinates will express disease which came from the vaccines, why? Because the two organs that harbor the most viruses is the testis and the kidneys and these cells are the ones they grow viruses in order to produce vaccines.

Remember, vaccines are not legitimate! They are not safe, they are not even necessary to effect infectious disease rates! The very website from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health shows CLEARLY that the vaccine did not impact the already quickly falling rate of diseases.. Much of this is in the book I authored but I have 1.5 TERRABYTE of information supporting my work and these statements.

Worse, know very well, that the human vaccines are now found to contain dog herpes viruses, also the monkey herpes viruses and these infective viruses are capable of neurological disease. Veterinary vaccines are known to contain feline retro viruses, the very on stage arrival of the dog parvo virus came from the feline vaccine productions (distemper in the feline is a parvo virus).

The Canine Influenza virus is a full evolutionary jump of the Horse Influenza virus that is squirted up into the noses of the racing thoroughbreds and then into the racing greyhounds that shared the same track locations…..MAN and his FRENZY to vaccinate is what is spreading these diseases. You do not even want to know what we are doing by allowing the USDA to unleash a genetically engineered rabies virus live virus chimera into the environment without not one gene impact study to validate the methodology. We now have a species jumping rabies spreading via aerosolization in other words without a bite! The rabies virus heads straight for the amygdala of the brain and is the center for most behaviors. So with the unregulated and unpoliced use of genetic engineering, the making of a bird flu vaccine in Mexico hooking up a H5N1 influenza with the rabies virus, this chimera is now at large.

In 2004 and 2008, you can read for yourself, the largest recalls, with hundreds of thousands of doses of human rabies virus recalled for “failure to inactivate the virus”. When we reread the articles from the whistle blowers, we realize we have plenty of cases on the books about infections from the vaccines and that they do cause behavioral impacts!

In 2006 Fort Dodge had the largest animal rabies vaccine recall due to vaccinated animals getting rabies from the vaccines! There are still very ignorant individuals that continue to promote rabies vaccines, despite the realization that with lethal viruses, only one vaccine is necessary and with the augmentation of this adverse events increase, autoimmune disease, cancers, allergies, asthma, atopy, anaphylaxis and eczema; are all very demonstrable from the vaccines (NATO series of books clearly establishes that this has been known about the use of aluminum in vaccines). The WHO in IARC listed in 1999 the aluminum slats in the vaccines are causing cancer, backs up the work of Dr. Eddy West who knew and warned that the viruses causes cancer and the shots contain the viruses.

Now, until this year however, is it understood, viruses are not dead, they are not alive, they are simply blue prints of protein sequences that when found in the vicinity of living cells that are permissive and receptive can replicate and infect.

It is very important to understand this.

Even though aluminum lets aluminum and mercury into the brain, and viruses into the brain, one thing that is too big to gain entrance into the brain is ANTIBODIES.

So, with this new hybrid rabies that is transmitting without a bite, if coming up fibroblasts or mucosal surfaces, or worse, via the aerosolization across one motor neuron of the oculomotor system the virus gains entrance to the brain BUT THE ANTIBODIES don’t so they are not much help even if you had neutralizing antibodies in your system OUTSIDE the CNS.

Remember, the vaccines never made a case for safety efficacy or even necessity in affecting disease rates (the level of fraud and conflict in science with terrible misnomer of the word “science”. Dr. Marc Girard wrote a compelling paper entitled “Reformatting Hippocrates Principles”. We certainly are not “first doing no harm”.

The last thing in this short send off, I live in NC, the largest recipient of drug money from industry to the legislative state Senator went to NC, due to Senator Dick Burr. We are now housing a 489 million dollar vaccine plant for Novartis of which they will be making more of this vaccine poison for the citizens of our country to be grown on DOG KIDNEY CELLS.

So now, they will be infecting man with man’s best friend and we will be infected with dog viruses, not just herpes but no doubt RABIES.

I see a similar link of dogs getting the distemper in the first place from the measles vaccines we injected children with and so this new concept of “one medicine” will be one medicine indeed, the pollution of the world’s genomes the largest biosecurity breech of all time, will be again the result of the hubris of man, the medical hubris, in this frenzy to vaccinate.

Your interest in this topic is very important to get correct, there is MUCH TO DO ABOUT EVERYTHING upon which the fallacy of the preventative medicine is based and the fact that vaccines, the GOLD STANDARD of conventional medicine is actually the very reason we now are all suffering deconstructed heath and so much chronic disease and behavioral diseases.

Just this, the fact of combinations of fluoride from the water and aluminum from the vaccines is generating endocrine disruptors that will mimic hormones and are proving to lead to precocious androgenicity in male children affected with autism or some spectrum of this from vaccines (in boys mercury is 200% more toxic due to testosterone). Have you heard about the 12 year old boys whom look like they are 20???? Also many children are now suffering gender confusion due to these endocrine disruptors and the hormonal mimickers; like now we can say okay, so that is the explanation in animals that are spayed and neutered often very early a different way of looking at the effect of hormone mimickers.

[box] One thing I am POSITIVE about is the animal behaviorists, if they are not thinking and understanding this information, they are WAY, WAY, WAY off the mark for understanding the truth in what they are both understanding recording and teaching, advising to client if they are not seeing this impact on behavior from vaccines, illegitimate vaccines at that![/box]

I can back all of these positions up, take more than a village, I am not an author full time but spent the last 3 years almost 24/7 researching the Medline, the PLOS, the entire realm of unreported adverse events that are indeed occurring, and less than 1% reported from vaccines. Generation rescue was able to perform a vaccinated versus non-vaccinated study on learning abilities and neurological affects on little boys from Oregon and California which also proved the increased cases, statistically significant increase in vaccinated populations. We need more to confirm the writing all over the planet but I have seen read, and documented enough to know this is a severely misunderstood unintended consequence of vaccination.

Herd immunity is a 1900s concept that is not useful to us today, the more we learn, the more we understand, just like applying pure mercury to cure disease or to do bloodletting to treat disease, vaccinations are approaching this understanding, it is a vector of disease, a vector of chronic disease, a disregulator of the immune system and disorganizer of the endocrine system and we are not advocating a safe, effective or even necessary methodology with promoting vaccines.

Dr. Ron Schultz says to the vaccinologists “it is an indefensible practice”.

I see this vaccine problem as also a very repeatable contributor to disease, even genetic disease and is transmitted the damage horizontally to the next generation. The behavioral changes that take place following vaccination are very very REAL, repeatable phenomena can not be dismissed simply because it is not yet defined from a published study. I suspect since this work would further make vaccines unsellable that there will never be funding to do many of these studies. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, however, is now finishing up the baby monkey studies that will again join the ranks of supporting these vaccinated versus non vaccinated population studies and the damage from vaccine is cumulative, with the rise in number, the rise is also in pathology, some endocrine, some neurological, some GI and immune; everything including behavioral.

I also have papers and photos that show the disease the dogs get from the vaccines, especially Lyme ,Lepto, Bordatella, and rabies vaccines and the generation of neurological, physical and behavioral problems.

It takes more than a village to try and uproot this and stay on top of what we certainly do now know about vaccines.

You should find more of the highly attuned veterinary homeopaths to expand on this level of behavioral damage from vaccines issues.

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