How can we do something about Purina and the Beneful crisis?

Friends, I am amazed at the amount of emails and phone calls we have been getting concerning Beneful dog food not being recalled yet and their stories of thier dogs getting very sick and even dying.

First of all, I want you to know that I know and fully understand what an emotional time this is for everyone and I can fully understand your frustration over the response or should I say the lack of response from Nestle/Purina. It also appears that the FDA has not initiated a recall in light of all of the evidence, much of which has been relayed by local FDA agents directly to dog owners.Our friends at are being overwhelmed with emails and phone calls as well. “For the record, Ric received a call Monday morning from an FDA agent who seemed very concerned about the situation. The agent said that he was new and had only received a few complaints relating to Purina products. Ric explained that this has been an ongoing problem and people understand that the FDA is aware of the situation.” There are FDA posts in our Forum dating back to February 6, 2007. The people just want the FDA to do their job and recall the Purina products that have been affecting dogs and other pets. Trust me when I say that we have been much nicer than most people towards the FDA’s inaction) It seems that they too have had a large number of people call them and ask what they can do to help the fight against a company that is knowingly harming dogs. They have come with some excellent ideas for you to help get Purina’s and the FDA’s attention.

This is what you can do…


  1. Get in touch with your local news media (T.V., Radio and newspapers) tell them what happend to your dog if you have had a dog become ill or die while eating Beneful.

  2. Forward the Nestle/Purina information contained on our website to everyone you know, especially if you know someone famous or in power in the government. There are some very powerful dog lovers in this country and they are probably unaware the Nestle/Purina situation. Celebrities will get involved in causes of this nature if they are aware of them. We have been impressed with the response from some senators and congressmen relating to issues like dog fighting Contact anyone you know and make them aware of our fight. Purina will only respond to numbers and I think they believe ours pose no major threat.

  3. Avoid all Nestle/Purina products. If Nestle/Purina fears a significant loss of business, that will remain permanent, they will all of the sudden have a strong sense of moral responsibility. Bombard the FDA and Nestle/Purina with phone calls and emails demanding justice. The Nestle/Purina corporate headquarters is located in Switzerland, so you’ll have to call the US headquarters at 818-549-7131. This is no longer a Purina issue, it is a Nestle/Purina issue and the integrity of all of their products are in question. The FDA numbers for your area are listed below.

  4. Encourage dog companies you currently purchase from to become part of our program. I believe Nestle/Purina would be the first to tell you that we will not be afraid to use our voice when dogs health and well being are in danger and the stronger we are, the louder is our voice.

  5. is doing a ‘My Pet Counts! Post Card Blitz’, which comprises of mailing postcards with information about the dogs that have died due to pet food contamination deaths to various government players this Saturday (so they arrive at somewhat of the same time). For those of you who lost dogs due to Beneful, please, specifically mention that your dog died as a result of eating Beneful. The link is here:

*FDA Contact Information *

Alabama–866-289-3399 Alaska–(425) 483-4949 Arizona–(949) 608-3530 Arkansas–(214) 253-5200, ext. 5233 California (Northern)–(510) 337-6741 California (Southern)–(949) 608-3530 Colorado– (303) 236-3044 Connecticut–(781) 596-7700 Delaware–(215) 597-9064 District of Columbia– (410) 779-5713 Florida — (866) 337-6272 Georgia– (404) 253-1169 Hawaii–(510) 337-6741 Idaho– (425) 483-4949 Illinois–(312) 353-7840 Indiana– (313) 393-8100 Iowa–(913) 752-2440 Kansas– (913) 752-2440 Kentucky–(513) 679-2700, ext. 124 Louisiana–866-289-3399 Maine–(781) 596-7700 Maryland–(410) 779-5713 Massachusetts–(781) 596-7700 Michigan–(313) 393-8100 Minnesota– (612) 758-7221 Mississippi–866-289-3399 Missouri– (913) 752-2440 Montana–(425) 483-4949 Nebraska- -(913) 752-2440 Nevada–(510) 337-6741 New Hampshire–(781) 596-7700 New Jersey–(973) 526- 6017 New Mexico–(303) 236-3044 New York (Northern)–(716) 551-4461, ext. 3171 New York (Southern)–(718) 340-7000, ext. 5588 North Carolina–(404) 253-1169 North Dakota–(612) 758- 7221 Ohio–(513) 679-2700, ext. 124 Oklahoma– (214) 253-5200, ext. 5233 Oregon–(425) 483-4949 Pennsylvania–(215) 597-9064 Rhode Island–(781) 596-7700 South Carolina–(404) 253-1169 South Dakota–(612) 758-7221 Tennessee– 866-289-3399 Texas–(214) 253-5200 ext. 5233 Utah–(303) 236- 3044 Vermont–(781) 596-7700 Virginia–(410) 779- 5713 Washington–(425) 483-4949 West Virginia– (410) 779-5713 Wisconsin–(612) 758-7221 Wyoming–(303) 236-3044 Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands–(787) 474-9502


Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kentucky, Texas, Florida, California, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan and Georgia.

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  1. Bought a bag of Beneful (Adult) here in Vieques three weeks ago. Have been using it daily – stored in a closed metal container. This morning thousands of small flies escaped from the bag when I opened it and the bottom was full of a larger number of small maggots………… I think the three rotties I have been feeding may have digested some of these………advice please.thank you

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