How Can Naturopathy Help My Dog's Allergies?

How Can Naturopathy Help My Dog’s Allergies?

I have a lot of pet owners ask me:  How Can Animal Naturopathy Help My Dog’s Allergies?

Allergies in our dogs and cats continue to be on the rise!

As an animal naturopath, I personally have had more clients asking for consultations about their dogs with allergy symptoms over the last three or four years than ever before!

The 2018 State of Pet Health Report, focused on the prevalence of various allergic conditions in pets in the U.S. Banfield’s research team analyzed data from over 2.5 million dogs and 500,000 cats across Banfield hospitals. At that time, over the previous 10 years there had been a 30.7 % increase in environmental allergy cases in dogs.  

With the industrialization of the food industry over the past 100 years, our dogs (and cat’s) have had to deal with a lot of changes.

Potential stressors, such as processed foods, GMO fed animals, chemical preservatives, confusing dietary recommendations, and drastic changes in food production methods has resulted in our companion animal’s body’s inability to keep up!

Add to the feeding of an  improper diet,

  • vaccines
  • household cleaning products
  • flea and tick pesticides
  • the use of perscripion antibiotics
  • synthetic fragrances in everything

We are seeing more and more animals presenting with allergies, inflammatory issues, food and skin sensitivities, digestive issues, kidney and liver disease and of course cancer. All at younger and younger ages!

How Can Animal Naturopathy Help My Dog’s Allergies?

Instead of just removing the symptoms (indigestion, lethargy, yeasty ears, itchy skin, etc.), animal naturopathy focuses on the CAUSE of these imbalances causing the symptoms and works with nature to remove them. For instance, if your dog appears to have a grain or vegetable allergy and eats a meal with grains and/or vegetables in it and their skin breaks out, naturopathy will provide a natural solution to not only the itchy skin rash but also the immune system’s response. The overreaction to the so-called “allergens” being ingested or absorbed through the skin can be combated naturally by increasing immune efficiency through dietary and lifestyle changes.

You see, at the base of wildly itchy dogs as well as dogs that vomit their meals or have chronic bowel issues, is the immune system working overtime due to being confused and weak. In other words, it is actually malfunctioning. When your dog having a full-on inflammatory response that threatens to turn him into a bloody, itchy pulp, and that response continues into weeks and months and years, you’re seeing a weak, compromised immune system that has become “confused”.   It is not normal to have your dog (or cat) react violently to everyday things in life such as: eating chicken, rolling in the grass, getting one flea bite, etc.  A normal, healthy dog with a strong, balanced immune system would  not have an inflammatory response.

Let’s face the facts here.   The immune system should not attack one’s self or react wildly and dangerously to normal, everyday things. Now, when there’s a dangerous virus or bacterial infection to be fought, the immune system will turn up that inflammation, block the virus or microbes from reproducing, and kill that invader. However, having a similar response to a flea bite, species specific foods and plants, and more?   That’s immune confusion – that’s a weak and compromised immune system.

So how does the immune system become so weak and confused?

The biggest culprits are  vaccines and improper diet but then, when you add in toxic chemicals, (most often the pesticide based flea, tick and  heartworm “preventatives” – so called) and synthetic fragrances,  you have a recipe for a compromised and confused immune system.

If you’re seeking to help your dog eliminate adverse inflammatory reactions to so called allergens and wanting to boost his or her overall immune health, animal naturopathy WILL help you by explaining things such as how to strengthen the immune system, the importance of detoxing, how to incorporate a true elimination diet, environmental stressors, and the laws of health in nature. Animal naturopathy will aid in the relief of your companion’s allergy symptoms as well as ensure they will not hinder their life going forward.

Animal naturopathy ‘s focus is on TRUE health which can only occur when the body is in a balanced state with a strong, balanced immune system.

I am passionate about education and the animals themselves motivate me to help as many people as possible to help their own companion animals be truly healthy and live long, happy lives.

I educate via consultations, correspondence courses, articles and my blog.

Dr. Jeannie Thomason, Animal Naturopath


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