Dog Breeders Homeopathy Kit

Attention Natural Rearing Dog Breeders

A Homeopathic kit for dog breeders that contains twenty-three remedies 

(as described in the chapter Remedy Selection in the book Homeopathy for Dog Breeders) .

Dog Breeders Homeopathy Kit
Book sold separately -Not included in the kit

This kit put together by Aleks Mikic especially for natural rearing dog breeders includes remedies for the following:

  • clearing radiation from x-rays
  • inducing stronger contractions
  • releasing retained placentas
  • and MUCH MORE!

The remedies are delivered as pellets in vials that can last a lifetime. You can choose between a 30C and 200C potency, (if you do not specify, 200C will be provided).

Each Dog Breeders Homeopathy Kit comes with a 30-minute consultation (a $100 value) with Aleksandra Mikic.

Total cost is $310.00 (consultation, kit, shipping, and handling).

Replacement/additional vials are $15.00 each.

Please be sure to include the address where you want the kit shipped  and  your phone number for  Aleks to have the consultation with you.

Consultation is conducted over the phone, therefore geographical distance is irrelevant.

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