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Juniper berries are the first of one of the most common species in the pine family. The berries are blue-green in color and are very aromatic but, did you know they were medicinal too?

The medicinal properties of juniper berries are as a diuretic and blood purifier. This herb is especially important for any pet with a urinary or prostrate condition

The story of juniper is filled with history. In Europe 200 years ago, juniper was thought to be extremely strengthening to the body: it was administered to the sick to restore, and to the well to maintain good health.  Traditionally, juniper berries have been used to treat tape worms, colic, urinary and gastrointestinal infections. Juniper
berries are also used as flavoring in meats, baked products and dairy products.

Juniper berry oil also contains disinfectant properties like pine cleaners. The oil can be applied directly to cuts and scrapes much like tea tree oil and for the same bacterial and yeast infections.

One of American’s foremost herbalists–Dr. Richard Schultz of California–always recommends juniper berries for those with the inability to urinate such as some cancer patients after dosages of chemotherapy and radiation.

For pets with kidney or bladder stones or other kidney malfunctions, many use it to aid in dissolving those stones and other calcium deposits so they do not have to subject their pet to anesthesia which is very toxic, not to mention how the toll surgery will take on your pet’s body.

Yes, there are safe and effective ways to get rid of kidney stones and it only takes a few days to accomplish.

For your further information, kidney and bladder stones are often the result of too LITTLE calcium in the diet. These stones are a result of the body’s need for calcium in the diet and the body will take from the bones to “fix itself”, however this does cause stones to form in the kidneys.

Absorbable calcium (raw bones) is absolutely critical in your pet’s diet in order to prevent kidney and bladder stones from developing. Contrary to some thinking, there is really no such thing as too much calcium in the diet. The body will naturally expel any “too much” if it should somehow happen. With today’s unhealthy processed foods, this is very unlikely.

Once again juniper berry is a blood purifier as it helps eliminate impurities from the blood via the urinary tract. Herbalists do not advise using this daily unless one is treating a urinary condition until it is cleared.


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  2. Jennifer,

    YES! there are some herbal remedies and nutritional supplements as well as diet changes that could help your dog.

    Check a holistic veterinarian, an animal herbalist or veterinary naturopath.

  3. My dog was diagnosed in Sept. 2007 with renal failure. She is 17 now. She gets 500cc saline sub-q 2x’s week to keep the kidneys jumpstarted. Can any of the hermal remedies help?

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