Healthy Treats

Healthy Treats, an oxymoron?

If you are the typical dog lover, then you have, I am sure, found it hard to resist rewarding your dog with a few treats now and then, especially when they give you that irresistible look that says “It’s time for a treat!” Treats can be an essential tool for training and behavior modification with dogs. However, like people snacks, dog treats are usually nothing more then junk food! If you use “treats” to train your dog or just because they make you feel sorry for them, please check the ingredients, this is just as important as it is to to analyze

… what’s in the food you feed (hopefully you are already health conscious and are not feeding processed commercial foods any longer). The best treats are the most natural, all meat ones!

Some of the more common ingredients in dog treats are:
Corn Gluten and/or Corn Starch
Wheat and /or Wheat Gluten
Corn Syrup
Propylene Glycol
Brown Sugar
Artifical colors and flavors

The Whole Dog only offers treats that contain no grains or any of the above ingredients. We offer nothing that we would not feed our own naturally reared dogs.

Functional Treats

Functional treats contain whole, natural ingredients that are designed to have health benefits that go beyond a simple snack. These usually have special ingredients to help with certain health conditions, such as glucosamine for hip and joint flexibility, probioitics to boost the immune system or herbs to help with relaxation. Some treats such as bully sticks are great facial and jaw exercise for your dogs while helping to build strong, healthy gums and teeth. Below you will find a selection of our most popular functional treats. Please take a moment to browse through them and see if you can find something appropriate for your dog. If you’re going to be feeding treats to your beloved canine companions, they might as well be healthy and functional!

The Whole Dog – Doggie Delicacies & Wholesome, Nutritional Treats

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