Healthy Dog Treats and Freeze Dried Raw Diets

The Whole Dog is very excited and pleased to be able to offer excellent, organic and natural treats: Dr WooFers and a brand new, freeze dried, organic RAW food : KrunCheros gourmet pet food and Dr. WooFers Organic and Natural treats with Acai and Goji berries for optimum health.

KrunCheros Fine Pet Dining is an elegant line of freeze-dried raw food with organic, natural and exotic nutrients for optimum health. Your dog will love KrunCheros’ four flavors: Chicken Pot Py, Beef Wellington, Chicken Fiesta and Spaghetti & Meatballs all made with NO grains or potato. Have you been thinking of feeding your dog a raw diet but been a bit reluctant to handle the raw meat and bones? Or worried you would not get the balance of nutrients right? Worry no more! Just add warm water to this freeze dried total raw meal for your dog and it is all your dog needs!

Dr. WooFrs Organic and Natural treats are a combination of exotic ingredients such as: Acai berries, Goji berries, Sprouted Chia in a delicious base of either Chicken, Buffalo, a combination of Chicken-Duck-Salmon and Buffalo or Venison. There are NO grains or potatoes used in these biscuits! How healthy is that? You can’t go wrong, you can only improve your dog’s health by feeding these treats!

For more information on KrunCheros or Dr WooFers natural, grain and potato free biscuits, just go to The Whole Dog and see KrunCheros HERE and Dr WooFer’s HERE.

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