Below is the link to a great article on a subject I have thought about blogging on for quite some time now but just never found the time.


Pedigree Dogs Exposed” in UK and The Today Show attacked purebred dogs without science or genetic basis. Animal rights inspired, supported? Read and decide who knows dogs, TV’s talking heads or dog breeders and geneticists with clinical experience?
Donna Noland © The Dog Press 01|12|10

In December 2009, NBC’s Today Show aired a segment on the British production of “Pedigree Dogs Exposed”, the documentary which aired in the UK in August 2008. BBC America aired the piece that same night. The basic premise was that the majority of purebred dogs are diseased and full of genetic problems that create heartbreak and financial ruin for their owners. Even worse, the broadcast insinuated that the majority of dog breeders knowingly and deliberately breed this type of animal for nothing more than a hand full of brightly colored ribbons. Read the entire article >>>>> HERE

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