Greenies NOT a treat!!

Greenies NOT a treat
It has been 2 1/2 years since I first posted this and I to this day getting emails and feedback on Greenies and dogs vomiting them, having to have them removed from their intestines, etc.  It all started with my article, Safe Dog Chew Toys then I posted the article and pictures from I am amazed at all the people who have not only had problems with thier dogs digesting these so called “chew toys” but, the ones that have had beloved dogs choke and die as well as having to have surgery to remove the undigested greenies is devestating!

Here is the orginal article from 2005:

Just today I got a message from a faithful reader, Gilbert White. Here is what he had to say:“I fed my Pomeranian greenies for about a year. Last Thursday night I gave her one (petite size) . I found her on the floor about an hour later. She was already dead. The vet who performed the Autopsy said that there was no way the chunk of greenie in her throat could have been removed by me. I have since learned of a Doberman and a Golden that had intestinal problems. Do not give these wretched things to your dog.”

And here are a few more, in fact, the some of the next ones were found online under customer reviews for greenies products!
I doubt these comments still exsit on the site so here is one I saved:
“WARNING-Greenies almost killed my dog too !!

“My dog loved her greenies too. She is not a “gulper”. However, she developed a bowel obstruction after eating one and had to have emergency surgery-she almost didn’t make it. The warning label on the package is in very MINUTE print-(not noticeable) DO NOT FEED YOUR Dog GREENIES !! ”

More emails from readers:

“DANGER–Almost killed my dog!
I am highly recommend you DO NOT give our dog Greenies. My German Shepherd was given one by a friend. He loved the taste and ate it wholeheartedly. However, within a 24 hours, he was vomiting blood and taken to the vet’s emergency clinic. Not only did the product tear up his throat, but he had an intestinal blockage because the Greenie did not digest easily. He was at risk for emergency surgery, but my vet was able to help him pass it. He had to be on an IV for a week. Folks, the packaging on Greenies even says it is fatal if not thoroughly chewed. DO NOT RISK IT! I almost lost my best friend. ”

The following comments were listed on an online forum:


Michelle just posted about her dog throwing up a big piece of a greenie. I have seen on other forums that they can choke and kill your dog. On their site, they do say to monitor your dog so they don’t gulp them, but they don’t say what to do if your dog is choking on one. I think they are some what irresponsible for not warning about that specifically.

To say to monitor your dog does not seem like enough of a warning, but of course they don’t want to say your dog can choke on them. They make it seem like they may just eat a bigger chuck than they should, but don’t mention the ramifications.

If you still want to give your dog greenies which are supposed to cut down on a dog’s tartar build up, then don’t leave them alone with it. For me, I don’t even want to risk my dog getting it lodged in her throat. You really can’t tell they are eating a big chunk until after they do it. ”

Green “toothbrush”-shaped dental chews prove deadly

It has taken me since Monday evening to write this message to you. That is the night that our little 17-1/2 year old Chihuahua mix, Peanut, died as Dr. Bell and Dr. Iannone of Evesham Vet Clinic worked valiantly to save her life. It was a death that never should have happened, and I will forever have to live with knowing that because of what I did NOT know, my wonderful little girl would lose her life. I only hope that this E-mail will save the life of someone else’s precious companion. Peanut died after having swallowed a chunk of what is known as a “greenie”.Click here for the whole story

“I stopped feeding my dog Greenies about a month ago after getting a massive email from friends. I’ve been passing the word around town to stay away from these horrible treats!
Since then, I have seen numerous TV news reports (I’m in Los Angeles) and I’ve heard about the lawsuit too! What will it take to get these things off the market? I think it is totally repulsive that the makers claim that the dogs ate the treat too fast or that the owners didn’t watch them carefully!
They don’t want to be responsible in all these unnecessary deaths and near-death experiences because they are making millions of dollars! I also did not want to take a chance with my dog…even though he loved them! I care too much about his health and well-being!!! I brush my dog’s teeth every night…..Good luck to all! Spread the word!!!!

My boy Roundy (jack russel) adores Greenies. He has been VERY SICK for a week. We spent yesterday at the hospital (and $200+) only to find bits of green shards in his intestines that had not digested after being ingested 11 days ago. Package reads – “100% edible and highly digestable”

NOT SO!  Causes vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal bleeding, and possibly death. Roundy is ok, but on liquids, and rice, and antiboitics, for a few days. DO NOT FEED THIS PRODUCT TO ANY ANIMAL!

I just want to say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!
I just threw away a bag of Greenies, and I am SOOOO angry! These people KNOW that their products can KILL our best friends and they do not recall it?!?!?! Does this make everyone else as angry as it does me?
My chihuahua LOVES greenies. In fact, when I say the word, he goes nutty. It scares the absolute heck out of me that something could have happened to my Frodo. Thank you so much for this information. I am truly, truly grateful!

THANK YOU JEANNIE for running this story. As the owner of one of the dogs that died,(Burt, the mini Daschund) I truly thank you for having the courage to spread the word.

To the person who asked “is this widespread”? Just search the internet. It wont take you long to draw your own conclusions.

-Mike Eastwood

My dear little dog began to vomit the day after having a Greenie. She kept vomiting, and stretching….butt in the air, front of her down low, and staying in that position. I got the vomiting stopped, fed her rice, cooked pasta, and this morning she passed a stool FULL of pieces of the Greenie! I now know how lucky I am. Dog lovers need to know this, as the company has covered itself, legally, with the disclaimer on the package.
Deb Miller

Fortunately my one and a half pound Yorkshire Terrier’s obstruction was at the rectum. It caused him much pain and I was able to remove splinter after splinter of greenie at a time. I will never give any of my other dogs greenies again. Any higer in his body and he would have died of an unrecognizable problem or anesthesia.

M Seybold

These so called “treats” are touted as being “the Original Smart Treat for Dogs and Other Pets”.
They are not looking so smart to more and more dog owners.

The first red flag for me and many other lable readers is the ingredients.
ingredients listed: processed wheat gluten, glycerin, natural flavor, powdered cellulose, monosodium phosphate, monoglycerides of edible fatty acids, magnesium stearate and chlorophyll.

So, what is so smart about that? The ingredients are pure junk and then not digestable on top of that!

Let’s face it, dogs can and often do choke on a lot of things including kibble but if we know a product to be unsafe and that needs to only be given to our dogs under supervision, the manufactor should have a warning label large enough to see and they sure should not be advertised as a “smart treat”. Please warn your friends. ** By the way, as of today, March 2008 Greenies HAVE put a warning lable on the product however, they contine to NOT be a safe or healthy product to give to our dogs.

Just my two cents worth! lol Dr Jeannie

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  1. THANK YOU JEANNIE for running this story. As the owner of one of the dogs that died,(Burt, the mini Daschund) I truly thank you for having the courage to spread the word.

    To the person who asked “is this widespread”? Just search the internet. It wont take you long to draw your own conclusions.

    -Mike Eastwood (Now quietly hording his millions after settling his suit with NuTec)

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