Fleas, Ticks and Heartworms… Oh My!

Well,  it is that time of year when the veterinarians send out reminders to make sure your dog is on a heartworm “preventative”  and flea and tick killer  -   they tend to use a a lot of fear mongering to get you to buy their products.


Parasites in general, whether a flea, a tick or an internal parasite such as heartworm or round worms – are most attracted to the weak, unhealthy, or very young animal whose immune system is not functioning well. The long-term solution to a flea problem (or tick or heartworm or even intestinal worms) is to reduce your pet’s susceptibility to parasites by improving his/her health.

In the conventional, multi-billion dollar animal health industry, the fact that parasites will attach themselves to a sick animal before they will attach to a healthy animal, is hardly ever made known to the pet loving public.  But let’s look at the facts. 


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