Finding the link of more vaccine damage to disease

Finding the link of more vaccine damage to disease
By Dr. Patrica Jordan

Did you know……only vaccinated populations are producing auto antibodies?
Auto antibodies to cardiolipin are frequently found in patients with the serious disease systemic lupuserythematosus and also in individuals with other autoimmune diseases. Thepresence of elevated anti-cardiolipin antibodies is significantly associatedwith clots within the heart or blood vessels, in poor blood clotting,haemorrhage, bleeding into the skin, foetal loss and neurological conditions.

Rabies vaccines (mandated) and Lyme vaccines are just two of the many vaccines we know results in auto antibodies against the body’s own cardiolipin. Cardiolipin is critical and essential to the mitochondria of our bodies! Cardiolipin makes up the structure of the inner mitochondrial membrane that is where essentially ATP production take place? ATP is the primary currency of energy for our bodies. Mitochondria are also a major source of inflammation in our bodies as they are a major source of free radical production. When the mitochondria become dysfunctional, we have too little or too much apoptosis (cell death) and inflammation and too little energy production. As a result this is a KEY ingredient pathway to disease? Which disease you might ask? Diabetes (2 & 3 especially), Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease,Fibromyalgia, MS,Hypertension,allergy (esp asthma), autoimmunity (esp SLE), migraine headaches (which is no coincidence the number ONE classic symptom of vaccinosis in the time of Dr. J Compton Burnett), many neurodegenerative diseases……autism? MITOCHONDRIAL DISEASES-autoimmune in one generation becomes genetic in the next! So guess what?
Vaccinations are indeed linked to the production of this disease state through the damage done to the mitochondria function!Mitochondria are responsible for apoptosis so when they become dysfunctional we have too much and tissue destruction as well as too little and cancer formation. You can get environmental toxins, pesticides etc as causes of exogenous causes of mitochondrial dysfunction. However vaccines are known mitochondrial TOXINS that are injected! Read

Other things that lead to mitochondrial deficiencies are nutritional deficiencies, High fructose corn syrup, high carb diets!(processed pet food) Also pharmaceutical drugs and it looks like a very very very long list of pharmaceutical drugs that actually are prescribed to treat what is a mitochondrial dysfunction, with synthetic drugs that end up making the problem wors because…..they in turn cause mitochondrial dysfunction!

Drugs for: cancer chemotherapy, psychoactive drugs, drugs for dementia, epilepsy, seizure, Parkinson’s disease, cardiac, antiarrythmic, HMG-CoA reductase drugs used to treat diabetes which then cause diabetes! Diabetes medications that then make heart disease, heart failure! (Drugs killed Tim Russert! but vaccines started it!),
our favorite allopathic drugs to treat the dys functional immune system they made by employing vaccines in the first place!; NSAIDS, Aspirin, acetaminphen, Naproxyn, PREDNISONE—–THEIR FAVORITE! Long term administration of corticosteroids have resulted in MITOCHONDRIAL DYSFUNCTION.

So, the bulk of disease is certainly now proven to be coming from the very snake oils employed to “prevent” disease and make “health”. Especially illogical vaccines and used repetitively over and over and over and over again to the same darn populations! Also tetracycline, antimycin A is a mitochondrial assassin!

If you then realize how terrible CARBS are and how the high carb diet (dogs and cats on crap in a bag or can – cereals) humans on the SAD (Standard American Diet) contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction in another way the leads to further energy depletion, increased oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, increased inflammation and worse it takes energy to deal with these wrong foods! Leads to more cell death, energy depletion and nutrient deficiencies. This is also significantly the essence of aging; Selye’s Disease, early senescence…..early aging….early DEATH.

Mitochondrial dysfunction leads to free radical oxidation and then antioxidant depletion and a vicious cycle is imposed on the organism. There is a limited supply of adaptive energy to deal with the stress our body comes up against (vaccinations are very stressful, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial damaging events). The adaptive energy declines and this leads to continuous exposure. Declining ability to respond to stress increases even more imbalance and inability to restore homeostasis, increases risk of disease. The long term stress causes long term chemical damage to the organism. “Every stress leaves an indelible scar and the organism pays for its survival after a stressful situation by becoming a little older” Hans Selye

That so important little powerhouse, the mitochondria, whose inner membrane phospholipids cardiolipin rich in DHEA is CRITICAL to our survival. The vaccines have been shown to produce auto antibodies to this critical structure. ATP production occurs right here with the phospholid cardiolipin, we need fish oils (fatty acids) and ketones (breakdown of protein metabolism) NOT fructose and carbohydrates to supply glucose. Fructose impairs the pathway, Carbs cost energy and deplete important nutrients.

The body was never ever meant to deal with this onslaught of vaccines and is not nourished properly with less than whole, RAW foods, organic (to spare the exogenous mitchondrial assasins of pesticides and toxins). The need for the proper purging of dysfunctional mitchondria will be necessary for survival but it takes a certain amount of health to even accomplish this. Tissue destruction, glucose becomes toxic to the pancreas, tissues like the heat become damaged, this is how disease progresses and it was NOT a “germ” that started it!
Dr. Patricia Jordan

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