Euthanized Pets – Ingredients in Dog Food

While this post contains old and well documented facts, there are still pet owners out there that are not aware of just how nasty processed pet food (kibble or canned) really is. My hope is that this little video will hopefully help open the eyes of those still feeding this garbage to their beloved, carnivore companions.

Many still believe that kibble or canned food is some how nutritious and healthy for their pets and don’t understand the fact that rendering does not destroy the hormones fed to livestock or the antibiotics, drugs, and even barbiturates used to euthanize animals. Over time, our defenseless pets ingest a significant amount of antibiotics and euthanization drugs. (not just euthanized dogs and cats but frequently euthanized horses, sheep and cattle). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that the presence of such “extras” are NOT good for your pet. It is important to recognize from this short little video that AAFCO’s “common or usual name” regulations hide the truly dangerous components of your pet’s diet in benign sounding ingredients such as “meat meal” and “animal by-product.”

As a veterinary naturopath, I am asked almost daily – are they any pet foods on the market that don’t contain euthanized pets or diseased animals in them? They want me to recommend a “SAFE and nutritious pet food” for them to feed the companion animals they love so dearly….

To be continued.


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