essential oils in animal care a naturopathic approach - book

Essential Oils in Animal Care – A Naturopathic Approach


Co-authored with my friends and fellow animal naturopaths, Dr. Sarah Reagan and Dr. Kim Bloomer.

The aim of this book is to take away the fear of using essential oils with animals while empowering the pet owner to desire to utilize these amazing healing tools as part of their animal’s natural medicine chest. Learn how when used in conjunction with the laws of nature/health, how essential oils can kickstart the body’s own innate healing capacity.





Here are a few of the topics covered:

  • The 8 Laws Of Health

  • What Are Essential Oils & How Do They Work?

  • How To Safely Use Essential oils with Animals

  • Delivery Methods

  • Recipes

  • And MORE



Our goal in writing this book is to help everyone understand the vital role essential oils play when used in conjunction with a whole health approach! A naturopathic approach to wellness for our companion animals is the foundation for thriving health in any animal.


This book introduces a dynamic way of using therapeutic essential oils with animals. It is high time for even so-called alternative health to learn how to shift attention from the “what” of the experience to the experience itself, allowing the animal to participate in his/her own healing process as nature intended. True naturopathic health is an on-going lifestyle, a journey and essential oils are known to enhance and promote true health.


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