inherited epigenetic vaccinosis

Epigenetic Vaccinosis in Pets

“Vaccinosis is a disease syndrome caused by a weakness that is precipitated by vaccination” ~ Dr. Charles Loop

A number of autoimmune and chronic disease conditions are proving to be related to vaccinations.  Sucessive generations of vaccinated animals appear to be bringing out deep, chronic dis-ease syndromes in companion animals. Some examples of vaccinosis/chronic diseases including autoimmune diseases are:

  • irritable bowel disorders,
  • pancreititis
  • hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism
  • skin disorders
  • Cancers, etc.


Epigenetic Vaccinosis in Pets

For a long time, scientists have tried to describe heatlh disorders just by genetic factors. However, the role of epigenetics and the environment has been discovered to be playing a role in chronic diseases being expressed today. Epigenetics was considered and studied about a half of century ago. However, it has only been over the last decade or so, that this subject has attracted interest and futher research again, especially in complicated disorders such as  memory,  autoimmune disease, cancer, addictions, and obesity as well as neurodegenerative and psychological disorders.

[box] “Regarding vaccinations and vaccinosis – vaccines contian mercury and aluminum which are PROTEIN MUTATORS in their own right and DNA is PROTEIN!” Dr. Patricia Jordan[/box]

You see, related genomes will respond in RELATED FASHION; so the breeds of cats, dogs or horses that have related genomes will in most cases, respond to the vaccine assault in the same way, making it LOOK like its a “breed” thing but in reality it is a RELATED GENE DAMAGE THING… genetic or epigenitic diseases can therefore be “switched on” by vaccines (or the ingredients in the vaccines) and other enviromental factors or conditions.

Here is an audio recording on this very interesting topic if you are curious to know more!



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