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Enrichment and Enriched Environments For Puppies

Enrichment and Enriched Environments For Puppies

Did you know that your puppy will actually have a larger brain and be more emotionally stable than the average puppy if their breeder has raised in an enriched environment and spent time putting them through enrichment and bonding exercises?

The key here that the critical socialization period is this an incredibly short time where the breeder has an opportunity to make a much more profound impact on behavior, compared to even a few weeks later in the puppy’s life.

As a natural rearing breeder myself, I use the Puppy Culture Program for raising my puppies which is based on creating enriched environments for puppies; teaching them to think things through and exposing them to sights, sounds and smells at a young age so that they will not become as anxious or fearful once they leave to their new homes.

Animals raised in enriched environments have been shown to have the following physiological changes over animals raised under standard laboratory conditions:

  • Larger brains
  • More new brain cells and neural connections
  • Better brain cell survival

The result of these physical changes in brain structure result in the following intellectual and emotional benefits:

  • Improved ability to learn and remember
  • More emotional stability
  • Better resiliency to stress
  • Increased emotional stability
  • Better recovery from fear
  • Less fear-based aggression
  • Calmer
  • Quicker to learn basic “commands”.

If your dog or puppy was raised in an impoverished environment, take heart, he can still grow new brain cells and form new neural connections, it may just take a little more time and work on your part with your dog or puppy. There is evidence that animals of any age can benefit from the Enrichment Effect.

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