noise phobia cocker spaniel hiding under couch

Dog Fearful of Fireworks or Thunderstorms?

Is you dog fearful of fireworks or thunderstorms?   Are you aware that there are safe, non-sedative  natural remedies and supplements that can actually help calm your dog and support his/her wellbeing?

If you have been a subscriber to my blog for any length of time you have read some of my posts on fears or phobia’s many dogs (and some cats) have to loud noises and sound frequencies such as are produced in fireworks and thunderstorms.

Essential oils, herbs, flower essences, etc. are all very helpful.   I wanted to let you know that Only Natural Pet has many wonderful products that designed especially to help your dog through this noisy time of year.


natural remedies for dog anxiety and stress


When you buy any three or more of their stress and/or anxiety support products you can save 15% off – just use the code: 3SUPP15 at checkout.

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