Dog Owners Beware! Pro Heart 6 Injections Can Be Deadly

According to Pfizer,Pro Heart 6; (Moxidectin) is a sustained release product that is administered by the veterinarian and provides 6 months of heartworm protection in a single injection.

When this drug first was released, I was working in an allopathic veterinary clinic where the consensus of our 4 small animal doctors was to NOT offer it in our clinic due to the fact that in their limited trials there had been too many deaths from the use of this drug.

By 2004, the drug was pulled off the market due to a high rate of adverse reactions to the drug. According to an informed veterinarian, “Proheart caused more deaths in one year than all of the oral heartworm preventives combined did in ten years.”

Proheart was re-released here in US in 2008 with the following stipulations: Pfizer agreed to add additional warning labels to the drug packaging, and agreed to mandate that pet owners be given a drug fact sheet and be made to sign an “informed consent” document. Pfizer went even further as to mandate web-based training for veterinarians who gave the drug, and issued several “Dear Doctor” letters to all veterinarians regarding the adverse effects of the drug.

Also, the re-release stipulated that no vaccines be administered within a given time frame. However, it appears that more veterinarians than not either don’t care or are not capable of reading. Dogs continue to die from this injection said to “prevent” heartworms” as well as other internal parasites.

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