Dog Loving Children’s Toys & Books

In case you have not heard about the wonderful children’s book,  “Casey and Bella Go To New York City” it  is the first in a series of children’s books about Jane Lovascio’s two dogs, Casey and Bella. 

Well now they are launching adorable Casey and Bella plush toys to make story time even more exciting for your dog loving children! Some of you may be wondering what Casey and Bella have been up to lately…so here is an update:

“Casey and Bella Go to New York City” will be available at Barnes and Nobles on January 15, 2008!
Casey and Bella Plush toys are now available online at
Casey and Bella baskets with personalized signed books, pillows, and accessories are also available.

Please check out Casey and Bella’s websites and pass them along to friends, family, etc.

While these are NOT dog toys , Chase gives these adorable toys AND the book 4 paws up!  


If anyone would be interested in having Casey and Bella read at their child’s school, please feel free to e-mail Jane Lovascio

And be on the look for….the second book “Casey and Bella Go To Boston” Jane says it  is almost finished!
Future books in the series include: Casey and Bella Go To Hollywood, Aquarium, Carnival, and to School!

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