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Dear Family & Friends,

We have kicked off our 2008 Dog House Drive At Hooves & Paws Rescue, Inc.  The donations for the 2008 Dog House Drive have already started to come in.  Others have contacted us to see how they can help, which is wonderful.  We want to be able to purchase as many dog houses as possible before October 31, 2008 so that we are able to get these dog houses distributed to low income families in both IA & NE who have pets but can’t afford a dog house for their pet. 
With winter right around the corner we need to think about those dogs that have no shelter during the long winter days and nights. We know everyone is busy but if you would like to get involved with this Dog House Drive please let us know.

Our Dog House Drive will only run through October 31, 2008.  This gives us a few days to get the dog houses distributed before winter really hits. These dog houses will be

available to anyone who can’t afford a dog house for their pets in both IA & NE.

Anyone that is interested in helping us make this happen please e-mail us at or call us at 712-527-3721.

We know there are a lot of animal lovers out there. Your pets are warm and cozy either inside your home with you & your family or they have a great dog house to keep them warm. What about those who don’t? Imagine how long the days and nights are without some form of shelter. Many dogs out there will be very thankful for a warm dog house when the wind is howling and the snow is blowing.

Please get involved in our Dog House Drive to help those who need a little helping hand keeping their pets warm & cozy this winter.

Here are a few ideas that were sent in to our rescue website on how to help make this happen.

**Get a group together at your job to purchase at least one dog house or if possible two or three!! 
**If you are a carpenter or know a carpenter or handy man or lady ask them to build us a few dog houses for a very worthy cause.
**Contact 4H Groups and Church groups and ask them to get involved building a few dog houses.
**Those of you that have children contact the schools and ask them to make this a special project for the kids to work on. 
**Contact local businesses and ask them to help. Ask them to donate either directly to our rescue for us to purchase the dog houses and mark their donations 2008 Dog House Drive.  Or, ask them to purchase one or more dog houses and tell them you will pick the dog houses up and deliver them to our rescue.
**Used Dog Houses will only be accepted if they are in good useable shape. 
*If you or anyone you know would like to donate bales of clean straw to put in these dog houses for insulation & warmth we can store these at the rescue in a dry area until the dog houses are distributed.  Blankets do not work well for outside dog houses unless the Owners are willing to check the blankets to make sure they are kept clean & dry for the dogs.

We have made up flyers regarding our 2008 Dog House Drive.  If anyone would like flyers to take along with them when they contact local businesses please let us know that and we will get those to you either via snail mail or we can arrange to drop them off to your home.  Please don’t make copies of the flyers.  If you run short we would be happy to get you more.  If you plan on contacting a business please make sure before you do we know who you are contacting so we do not duplicate request for this cause.

Remember, our 2008 Dog House Drive only runs through October 31, 2008 so we have alot of work to do in a short time. 

**As always please cross post via e-mail and also share this information with your family & friends.  Also, share this information with anyone who may need a dog house for their pet that lives in either IA or NE. 

Anyone needing a dog house is welcome to contact us either through our website or by calling us at 712-527-3721.

Thank you everyone & God Bless

Bill & Genea Stoops
Hooves & Paws Rescue, Inc.
A Place To Heal
In Glenwood, IA

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