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Educating and consulting on Total (Whole) Dog Wellness/Naturopathic Canine Health, Nutrition, Chronic and Acute Conditions, New Puppy Wellness, Aromatherapy for Dogs and Natural Rearing.  


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My name is Jeannie Thomason,  I’m an Animal Naturopath and a Natural Animal Health and Wellness Coach with a doctorate in veterinary naturopathy and 29 years of experience guiding dog owners in cultivating the healthiest environment and lifestyle possible for their canine companions.

Now, more than ever, in a world where processed, commercial pet foods and toxic chemicals are literally killing our pets, we need to take a more active interest in our companion animal’s health and nutrition.

Whether your canine companion(s) is currently healthy and you’d like to see them stay that way, you have a new puppy, or you are facing a health challenge with them, such as arthritis, heart disease, allergies, obesity, demodex, etc. I would love to assist and support you in making the healthiest possible life choices for your best friend.

I practice a naturopathic/truly holistic approach to your dog’s health and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of their life are connected. As we work together, we will look at how all parts of your dog’s life affect his or her health as a whole- in other words, we do not just discuss the diet.


Holistic Wellness For Dogs Program

My Holistic Wellness For Dogs program is an online program that has been designed from years of consulting with clients one-on-one. It will give you the foundation you need without a lot of expense. You also will have unlimited access to this program for as long as you need.



  • Does your dog have ongoing symptoms that are not improving with veterinary care?
  • Do you have a new puppy that you want to start out on the “right paw”?
  • Are you a breeder looking to improve the health and longivity of your breed?
  • Do you question if your dog’s nutrition is adequate?
  • Have you been looking for the “perfect and safest” pet food to feed your dog?
  • Have you been thinking about feeding a raw diet to your dog but you are confused on how to do it correctly?
  • Are you interested in learning about complementary natural wellness modalities for you dog?
  • Are you interested in learning about alternative therapies when facing a major health decision for your pet?



  • You will be empowered to make your own informed decisions for your dog and take back control of his health
  • You will be guided in helping your dog’s body to resolve any acute or chronic health conditions so your dog regains his natural balance and health
  • You will learn how to support your dog’s body naturally according to his species needs and nature through a whole health approach rather than suppressing his symptoms and treating disease as is the case in the conventional veterinary approach
  • You will learn ONLY the natural, true, holistic approach rather than an integrative approach
  • You will receive step-by-step guidance 
  • You will learn how to promote and build health not only in your current dog but with any new puppy or dog in your household present and future.

We often fail to recognize that we  and our dogs are products of the relationships between ourselves and our environment, including between the human and animal within that environment. Even though it may not be obvious at first, these concepts impact the health of our dogs as well as ourselves, so everything discussed in a consultation is approached from a truly naturopathic or “whole dog” perspective.

The successful, holistic, naturopathic approach relies on more than simply striving to keep our pets free of the symptoms of illness; rather, the focus is on total. lasting wellness using what has been supplied in nature to spark the dog to be well:

  • encouraging natural immunity
  • nourishing the body with species specific nutrition
  • improving the biological and cellular terrain
  • maintaining a balance between each interdependent function of the body systems while igniting the body’s own internal healing force through the application of the laws of health mandated in nature.




As an animal naturopath, my philosophy is founded in helping the animal’s body to resolve both acute and chronic health conditions, and to regain its natural balance and health.

Naturopathy looks at illness as a form of healing, and unlike conventional disease care, naturopathy does NOT focus on suppressing the symptoms or the body’s efforts to rid itself of the cause of the illness. Instead, we look for the root cause of the disease and symptoms of it. Address and eliminate the cause, thus being rid of the symptoms for good!


Using naturopathy for your dog means focusing on the whole animal not masking or treating symptoms. Through a consultation, I will guide you with education on how to promote and build health in your dog. Nature always seeks balance, and by guiding you with the correct information you can then help your beloved canine companion to gently regain health and balance in his or her body, and thus overcome many of the chronic health issues they may be affected by. The Holistic Wellness for Dogs consultation provides you with step-by-step guidance, removing all the guesswork for you so that your dog can BE well and whole again!

NOTE: At this time, I am only doing consultations via Email and it may take 7 – 10 days after payment is received before you get the consultation.

Please send me a completed and hand signed health history profile/intake form for my review and I will get back to you with the price.  Then with your approval, I will send you a PayPal request for payment and give you a time frame in which you will receive the Email consultation.




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All client information is kept confidential.




Through the benefit of my education, knowledge, and experience, I will guide you step by step in how to assist your dog’s body to respond and heal of its own accord.

Whether your animal companion is currently healthy and you would like him or her to stay that way OR if he/she is facing health challenges and you want to learn about alternative therapies; a consultation will empower you to take control of your pet’s health.


An email consultation ranges from $98.00-$275.00 depending upon the amount of guidance and direction you require in order to obtain the desired result for your dog. Follow up consultation fees or Action Plans are based upon individual needs.


The only additional costs to you will be if you choose to purchase any aromatherapy, herbal blends or nutritional supplements suggested within the consultation. If you are interested in a consultation, please download, fill out, sign, scan and email or snail mail the Health History Profile form to me.

***All forms must be completed, signed and returned to me PRIOR to the consultation***

NOTE: Consultation, fees are normally priced per pet. If you have multiple pets of the same species in need of assistance, I will be happy to work out a group or multiple animal fee for you.


For Consultations, I will send you an invoice via PayPal AFTER I receive your HEALTH HISTORY QUESTIONNAIRE  .



Refunds are available only if you cancel 24 hours in advance of your appointment“ prior to the agreed upon delivery date of an email consultation. Refunds are not available once you have received your consultation.


I look forward to working with you to help your dog live a longer, happier life.



BUSINESS HOURS: Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Time;
CLOSED each Friday from 4:00 pm through to Sunday.

God’s Holy Sabbath is Sunset Friday to Sunset Saturday. I appreciate your respect of my time of rest and worship. :-)



Dr. Jeannie Thomason does not function as a traditional allopathic veterinarian by diagnosing disease, treating disease, or performing invasive procedures, nor do her services replace that of a traditional licensed allopathic veterinarian.

The information offered by Dr. Jeannie Thomason, is intended to provide education and general guidance. Nothing on this Website, or during a regular consultation, constitutes traditional allopathic veterinary advice.

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