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Germ Theory Vs. Terrain Theory and Chronic Dis-ease

By Dr. Jeannie Thomason




Chronic disease is the biggest killer we and our companion animals are facing and it is largely reversible through a species specific diet and natural health habits. Addressing every dis-ease with drugs is not working and has never worked to attain health!

Creating and maintaining the healthy biological terrain of the body is a lot like raising a healthy garden. If the body is fed a diet that provides adequate amounts of naturally occurring, live nutrition, nurtured with love as well as getting adequate amounts of sunlight, clean filtered water, etc., just like a healthy garden, will flourish with vitality and support a strong immune system.

As an animal naturopath, when you hear me talk about true carnivore health and wellness you will notice that you will not hear me talking about the conventional/reductionist theory commonly known the “Germ Theory” of Louis Pasteur. This is because, Pasteur’s germ theory is flawed and was disproved many years ago. It was then and is now the basis and foundation of modern, conventional medicine that is not able to “cure” or heal – only suppress or change the symptoms of dis-ease.

Germs are not the cause of the disease, but appear only after one has become ill. They are created by nature to assist in eliminating our toxins and waste. The difference between “treating” the symptoms using the germ theory and addressing the underlying causes in animal naturopathy, results from an understanding of the concept of biological terrain (cellular environment).

Germ Theory

History tells us the story of French biologist Louis Pasteur who was said to have discovered that microorganisms or “germs” caused disease. According to the “germ theory” Pasteur championed, we “catch” bacteria, colds, viruses and that they must be prevented through drugs, vaccines, and other means. We have been brought up with mind sets that we should be afraid, very afraid; of these germs. We have been taught that we must do all we can to try to “kill” them, (of course with man-made drugs, antibiotics and toxic chemicals) rather than keeping the internal environment (the beneficial microorganisms, PH levels, electrical frequencies, etc.) and immune system balanced and strengthened.

Are you aware that by using “antibacterial” cleaners, wipes, sprays, or of course, antibiotics; you are wiping out everything! You aren’t just destroying the bad bacteria, you’re radically destroying or wiping out all the beneficial flora and balance too, leaving your companion animal (or yourself) even more susceptible to dis-eases in the long run.

The bacteria or virus is now able to set up house because the body or an area of the body is in a state that allows them to reproduce and thrive. The “good” or friendly microbes are now gone and the naturally balanced immune system is weakened and vibrating at very low frequency. You see, animals (as well as we humans) all have viruses, bacteria, cancer, etc. not only on us but in us, all the time, every day! It is only a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria and healthy body environments that keep them all in small and healthy populations and balance.

Terrain Theory & Pleomorphism

In contrast to Pasteur’s idea that bacteria and viruses would enter a healthy body/host and create disease on their own, Antoine Béchamp proposed that living entities called “microzymes” created bacteria in response to host and environmental factors; this is called “host terrain theory.” Béchamp discovered that it is the environment of the cells that determine health or disease. “Le microbe c’est rien,” he wrote, “le terrain c’est tout” – “The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.”

What Béchamp was calling microzymes were not independent elements. Rather, they were microbes in various stages of transformation – pleomorphic forms.

Pleomorphism — the fact that bacteria can (and do) change shape dramatically or exist in a number of forms

Through focusing on health instead of dis-ease, Béchamp found that disease-causing “germs” are actually opportunistic, thriving in bodies that have a weakness or imbalance internally. The”germs” are. in reality, a byproduct of the dis-ease, not a cause of the dis-ease. So in order for dis-ease to take hold there has to already be an imbalance, cellular dysfunction, dead tissue, in the body.

Béchamp discovered that the pathogens or micro-organisms in reality, work towards health instead of disease. Stop and think about that for a minute! What? This totally goes against everything that most of us grew up believing. Isn’t it time to take a second look and question the germ theory?

When Béchamp focused on attempting to eliminate the dis-ease or pathogen, he found that they would become stronger, harder to combat, and even morph into something more resistant to being eliminated.

Research determined that microbes already exist within the body, in fact there are more microbes than human or animal cells, and they “morph” according to their cellular environment. They only become pathogenic as they’re forced to survive in a damaged cellular environment.

Through supporting a healthy cellular environment and cell regeneration, wellness can be restored without attacking or combating disease, bacteria, or pathogens!

When symptoms of disease surface, it is a sign that the environment of the cells has become toxic, and needs to be set to balance and be restored.


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