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To Vaccinate or Not? That is the Question part 3

This week on Animal Talk Naturally our good friend, veterinarian Dr. Stephen Blake (aka The Pet Whisperer) joins us for the conclusion of the three-part series he has conducted with us on VACCINES. Listen Here:   Part one and two can be heard here: Part I Part II This has been an eye-opening, candid series of …

Dog Stressed?

Is Your Dog Stressed? By Dr. Jeannie Thomason Many different things can cause your dog to stress or become anxious, just a few are: trauma, change of routine, boredom, separation and even poor, inadequate nutrition. Hopefully, making you aware of  some of these things will help you to minimize stress in your dog’s life.

Supporting Your Dog’s Health from the Inside Out

Supporting Your Dog’s Health from the Inside Out You all know that this is my favorite subject! lol This a great little article and perfect timing with all the recalled pet foods and treats that have been making dogs very sick and even killing them. The immune system is an intricate biological protection system responsible …