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Closer look: raw chicken linked to paralysis in dogs

Innumerable health issues – diet

Have you noticed that the majority of companion animals today are suffering innumerable health issues once unheard of in pets?  Please note that it is much to the owners’ dismay that their dogs (or cats) have developed these un-healthy conditions or dis-eases while being fed exclusively; expensive, “scientifically formulated”, “high-end” pet foods, receiving regular veterinary …

detoxing your dog program

Arthritis, Chronic Diseases & Our Dog’s Intestinal System

By Dr. Jeannie Thomason “90% of chronic diseases are caused from an unhealthy intestinal system, primarily the colon.” ~ The Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain These chronic diseases can be anything from allergies, yeast, arthritis, gastrointestinal conditions, and much more. Arthritis in dogs for example,  as with most other chronic dis-eases, can be …