Calendula Herb for Healing

Herbal Profile: Calendula

Calendula is a bushy, aromatic annual, with branched stems and lanceolate leaves.Flowers have yellow to orange ray florets, produced from spring to autumn.

Parts used

The whole flower heads (Calendula flos cum calyce) and petals (Calendula flos sine calyce) are used for medicinal and culinary purposes.


Calendula is a bittersweet, salty herb, that stimulates the liver, gall bladder, and uterus. It soothes the digestive system, clears infections, and is said to support the heart.

Calendula is beneficial in skin care, soothing inflammation, controlling bleeding and healing damaged tissue and in cases (internally and externally) where the skin is broken.

It contains up to 0.8% flavonoids (O-glycosides of quercetin, kaempferol and isorhamnetin) as well as bisdesmosidic and monodesmosidic saponins, hydroxylated and esterified triterpenes (taraxasterol, faradiol, helianthriol), while the essential oil contains mainly sesquiterpenoids such as cardinol, a-ionone and b-ionone.

It is most effective to help heal wounds and has shown to stimulate the development of granulation tissue. It has immune stimulant properties as well as an estrogenic effect.

When looking specifically for an herb to soothe skin or help heal wounds, herbalists have long turned to Calendula for its long history of use to support healthy skin. This lovely marigold-like flower is widely known as an herb that promotes healing.

Calendula also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity, and it is beneficial in treating numerous skin and tissue conditions. Calendula has been used successfully in the treatment of candida (yeast) infections and other inflammatory skin disorders. Calendula soothes irritation, replenishes skin elasticity and promotes new tissue growth and repair.

Petals from this healing herb are cultivated and used in herbal tinctures, oil infusions, and salves. Calendula is found in several natural products The Whole Dog offers, including Only Natural Pet Skin Wellness herbal formula, Pal Dog Freshen Up Spray and Only Natural Pet Paw Balm.

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