Boston Terrier Survives Rafting Accident

Survival suits this dog just fine

Everyone loves a happy ending and I wanted to share this one with you all!

July 09, 2009
By Mark Freeman
Mail Tribune

AGNESS — Pete Pollard walked up the remote trail through the Lower Rogue River Canyon with the melancholy of a man who knows his one missed oar-stroke killed his daughter’s dog.

The day before, the 57-year-old Talent man miss-rowed while rafting the wild Rogue’s Blossom Bar, pitching himself, two others and two canines into the river for a perilous bounce downstream.

All were rescued within minutes of the accident — except for Ali, a 15-pound Boston terrier. Now, a full day later, it was time to recover the last victim.

“I was looking in the eddies for his body,” Pollard says.

Then a twig snapped just off the trail. And another. “Oh, geez,” Pollard thought. “Now I gotta deal with a bear.”

But out of the bushes popped Ali, still sporting his blue life vest.
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