Boost Your Dog’s Immune System and Prevent Disease

Boost Your Dog’s Immune System and Prevent Disease

The main reason a pet gets sick,  is that something is interfering with the body’s natural healing powers (the immune system)

Chronic diseases commonly seen in dogs result from immune suppression. Diabetes, allergies, breathing difficulties, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, recurrent ear infections, and even cancer, are all examples of an immune system gone wrong.

I believe that a weak immune system plays a key role in causing disease. Antibiotics may kill the bacteria that helped bring on the infection, but they don’t affect whatever weakened the immune system in the first place. This is why holistic health care focuses less on things that cause diseases and more on those that affect the body’s defenses.

Everything dogs experience, from the quality of afternoon light to an upsetting afternoon, can affect the body’s energy balance or immune system. But a few things in particular, such as diet, stress and exercise, play the biggest roles in determining whether pets get sick or stay healthy.  Just as the wrong fuel in car engines can cause the engine to knock and ping,certian diets make the body more vulnerable to problems. The sad fact is that most pets are fed processed, commercial foods not only full of grains (read about the dangers of feeding your dog grains HERE) but they are loaded with artifical or synthetic vitamins, dyes, preservatives, etc.   Dogs (and cats) have spent thousands of years eating “Wild” , natural foods provided by God’s nature and this is excatly what God designed their systems to thrive on.  It is only in the last several decades that our pets have been exposed to commercially prepared foods as well as the chemicals these foods contain and that we use on them and around them daily in our lives.  Chemicals that their bodies simply are not designed to handle.  In addition,  artificial and synthetic ingredients can trigger an immune response that can and does quite literally make our dogs sick.

The immune system is designed to attack any foreign invaders while ignoring “normal” molecules, such as those naturally found in whole foods.  The chemicals in foods certainly are not natural.   If the immune system perceives them as threats, it will then mount a defense.  A meal of dry kibble can actually un-leash a flood of basophils and other immune-system cells which in turn release chemicals such as histamine.   Sadly, these chemicals are not entirely “benign”.  In some cases, they can and do trigger a rash of itching, vomiting or even diarrhea in your pet.

Diet affects the immune system in other ways as well.   Among the most important components of immunity are antibodies.   Antibodies are nothing more then specialized germ fighting protiens…  The only time your dog can make enough antibodies is when it is fed well and fed whole, natural foods. 

In addition, the digestive tract has been designed to digest and process certain kinds of foods. Extra ingredients such as food additives and grains can put a strain on the whole body as it works to break them down. It is especially hard on the kidneys and liver because these organs cleanse the body of impurities and unnecessary nutrients.

In Natural or Holistic health care, we believe that diet – more specifically a diet consisting of highly processed foods of questionable nutritional quality – is the main reason pets get sick, This is why holistic care nearly always involves changes in diet, regardless of other treatments your vet may recommend.

Aside from feeding a high quality and natural diet, there are several supplements that aid in boosting your pet’s immune system, check HERE for the  highly endorsed and recommended list by  veterinary naturopaths and holistic veterinarians.

If you would like help getting your dog off a commercial diet or have nutrition or health questions about your dog, sign up for a consultation with Dr Jeannie HERE.


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