Blue Diamond Pet Foods Making Pets Sick


This  news is nothing new these days however, I wanted to share the interesting information with you that there have been 186 complaints made about Blue Buffalo Pet foods made to Consumer Affairs – the most recent complaint being just last week –

“We opened a new bag of Blue Buffalo Evolutionary Diet with Life Bits 4 days ago. All three dogs have loose, yellow, very smelly stools. Many accidents in the house. The dogs are frantically drinking water. I thought they all caught a bug but now that I’ve read this, I’m changing to a different brand of dog food. I hope my babies feel better soon!”    To read all of the complaints, you can do so at 

I can only imagine all the incidents of sick and dying pets that go totally unreported due to the fact that people still think that “pet food” is what pets are supposed to eat and after-all,  I feed a well known brand that is “nutritionally complete” so surely the food is not what is making my dear pet sick .    🙁

To the best of knowledge there have been no investigations or recalls on Blue Diamond pet foods and these kind of complaints about kibble are nothing new.   We will only continue to see more and more complaints and details of pets becoming ill or developing liver and/or kidney failure as long as their adoring owners, unknowingly continue to feed them processed foods – totally void of any nutrition their bodies can utilize.

For those of you still feeding processed pet foods,  please wake up and connect the dots.   Kibble is Kibble is STILL Kibble!


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