Bloat in Dogs

Bloat, (in dogs) or gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) as it is also known as, is when the dog’s stomach fills with gas and usually – twists, leaving no escape for the gas that builds up more and more, causing excruciating pain.

Some of the signs of bloat are that the dog will struggle to breathe which means that vital processes can be quickly shut off. In many cases, severe distress, pacing, a bloated stomach, excessive drooling and dry heaving is going on. If the gas is not relieved soon enough, death is very possibly!

Just recently, I stumbled upon some information that I was excited to find!  I will make this post as short as possible and encourage you to read the entire article and do even more research on your own. 

A study done as long ago as 2013 clearly shows that bloat is not a matter of too much swallowed and trapped air in the gut (termed aerophagia), but is actually a build-up of fermented gas.

As many of my readers and clients are already aware, there has been a BIG move towards feeding our carnivore companions more plant matter AND replacing meat protein with legumes and their seeds.

Legumes are: Beans, Peas, Lentils, Soy beans and Peanuts.  Not only do legumes have to “ferment” to be even remotely digestible, but they contain:

Please read the entire article HERE


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