Bath Time For FiFi ?

Are you aware that bathing your healthy dog more than once or twice a year is not really necessary unless they are being shown or doing therapy work?  In fact, frequent bathing can ruin the balance of naturally occurring oils your dog’s body that keep the skin and coat healthy.

Are you also aware that the majority of pet shampoos on the market contain not only harmful but toxic and often times carcinogenic ingredients?  

Now, of course, should your dog roll in the mud or in something that smells horrid, then bathing is surely in order. However, you can just rinse the dog off with warm water. In most cases shampoo is not always necessary.

Brushing and Bath Time

Regular brushing is much healthier for your dog’s skin and coat as it removes old dead hair and skin while keeping the pores open and helping to spread those natural oils through the coat. Brushing your dog is also healthy and beneficial in that it is relaxing and stress reducing for your dog.

Most Dogs love to be brushed, especially when started early on and done regularly. It massages the skin and feels wonderful. Most dogs experience a real relaxation from it. If you combine your brushing with the diffusion of therapeutic grade essential oils or home-made grooming sprays formulated from essential oils like lavender or chamomile, the aroma has relaxing properties for both you and your dog!  You can bond while both enjoying a healthy, relaxing time together.

Another benefit of regular brushing is the time spent gives you the opportunity to get to know what your dog’s body normal state is. In dogs with an under-coat or longer hair, make sure you spread the hair apart to look at his skin and feel for any bumps, lumps, or abrasions while grooming. Brushing is also important to keep his or her hair mat free if your dog has long hair. Mats form when you allow your dog’s hair to tangle. . Mats will form tightly to the skin in a short time, making them painful. They can also become smelly, harbor insects or debris, and create numerous skin problems. Mats should always be carefully removed with a mat breaking grooming tool or carefully cut out with a pair of scissors.

Toxin-Free Shampoo

When bathing your dog is necessary, make sure you bathe with a 100% natural shampoo base enriched with herbs, pure essential oils and vegetable proteins that won’t dry out the skin and coat or clog the pores. Watch out for scary ingredients that may be difficult to pronounce – these are likely the more toxic ones.

Scary Shampoo Ingredients

I will post a list of some of the more scary shampoo ingredients shortly.

Meanwhile, The Whole Dog is proud to promote some toxin-free pet shampoos.  Check them out HERE

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